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    I like Irish Narrow Gauge and 5’3 railways to


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  1. NarrowGauge

    oo Gauge shunting layout proposed

    That it very interesting thanks again
  2. Hi there I recently acquired a load of oo Gauge four wheel vans I thinking about about doing a shunting layout so my question is which era did the four wheels vans go out of traffic so I can get the livery right for the Locos used on the layout thanks in advance I forgot to mention that some are with the snail logo and some have the C.I.E round logo
  3. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Right ok thanks for the info good luck getting there in the Landy
  4. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Sounds like a plan I wish there was more Narrow Gauge on here some nice models they Gents nice to see other OOn3 models coming out of the cupboards
  5. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Yes I thought it was so I bought it anywhere it was only £20 off amazon
  6. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    I think I have found it ?? Could you please comfirm
  7. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    I will have a look around for it cheers
  8. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Thanks for the link
  9. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Yes my bad it is branchlines
  10. NarrowGauge

    Cab Ride video - B141

    Brings back memories of seeing 146 has station pilot in limerick
  11. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Thought I would show a picture of my backwoods T&D no 3 for my proposed 00n3 layout
  12. NarrowGauge

    Irish Narrow Gauge

    What do you have left ??
  13. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Thanks for the info gents I cannot find much about the U&C so is there anymore info on it just want a ideas for the line route and see if I can fit my layout in to it
  14. NarrowGauge

    OOn3 layout ideas

    Thanks for the advice Gents I will look into the Ulster & Connaught railway has it sounds like they is some scope for a bit of freelancing the layout would be based in the 50’s more scope for mixing stock
  15. NarrowGauge

    WANTED Irish 00n3 stock

    Hi there I am looking for any Irish 00n3 stock kits,half built kits,locos,wagons,coaches, What you got get in touch

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