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  1. CIE Working Timetables

    Looking for good condition copies of CIE Working Timetables for 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982. PM me if anyone has any of the above that they wish to sell. Thanks.
  2. Models demand

    CIE built coaches, of which there were many variants, are bound to be popular. Currently no kits available of these, and not on Murphy Models or IRM's plans for the current year at least. Also, you will find drawings of these carriages shouldn't be too hard to find.
  3. IRM 2018 Range; 'Project 42' and Plough

    Excellent selection of releases IRM. Take a bow. Couple of questions..... Will the livery on the ferts be as pictured? Will you be producing the older type of keg carrier? Will the weedspray pack be produced in current livery or older CIE type livery? Unsure when the livery details changed or indeed when current version of weedspray train was introduced. No interest in the spoil wagons personally as too modern, but a nice addition to the range. Ferts, plough vans and 42' definitely of interest to me. Weedspray depending on period modelled. Thanks lads and best of luck with the new release programme. Sure to be a winner.
  4. Just to add to Richie's reply, if you zoom in as far as possible on a photo of the orange bubbles, you can actually make out the stencil marks. Considering the small distance between the parts of the stencil letters on the protype, as Richie mentioned, that's impressive. Almost invisible to the naked eye on the model, but still there all the same, allowing for the tolerances of the tampo printing.
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply, Richie. I assumed that you guys had researched the wagons as much as was humanly possible. To think that you even know about the different widths of the stencils used is impressive to say the least. As to the full alphabet of CIE wonky text, what can I say except you guys take this modelling game to a whole new level. Like I said in an earlier post, this really is the golden age of Irish railway modelling.
  6. Thanks JHB. Actually thought myself that most of the orange bubbles were stencilled as well, but all of the IRM orange bubbles seem to be solid letters. Maybe one of the IRM lads can advise what they found in their research. The stencilling did find its way onto the bubble in Pack B.
  7. LIMA Murphy Models

    Well so it is. Thanks Rich. Looks like mould must have been altered to locate it to correct location, which is good to see.
  8. Question on the 'Bulk Cement' wording on the orange bubbles. Was this stencilled on or painted on or a combination of both? Barry's photo above shows stencilling, and this can be replicated with transfers available from Railtec. Also, Richie mentioned at some point about providing a spreadsheet with the livery details for each wagon. Have I missed this along the way or have you IRM lads been working him to the bone with all these new releases for 2018?
  9. Jaysus lads, 5 new models to be announced in addition to the Tara, and all to be released in 2018. Really is the golden age for Irish railway modelling. Now all I need is a very sympathetic bank manager to payroll all of these new releases.
  10. LIMA Murphy Models

    Must be new moulds in use for the air vent to have changed location. Strange one. Also, looking at Dave's photos, the white lines on the new model seem a bit thicker and the top orange portion seems to extend slightly further up the roof. Not a deal breaker but the older 1508 model seems more accurate livery wise to the real thing. Cant wait for the 121's to be released but the wobble issue on the Cravens released in the last while, the vent in the wrong location and slight livery variations on the new Cravens buffet worry me slightly, as it seems the standard coming from whatever factory is used now doesn't seem to be as high as the previous factories used for these models.
  11. Tara Junction.

    Few interesting things from Dave's photos. First is that there appears to be a passenger coach in the background. Was Cabra used to store passenger trains? Second observation is the differing locations of the 'Bulk Cement' stencilling on the wagons as in one is slightly higher or lower than the other one. Nice little detail if IRM ever decide to do the bubbles in early grey livery.
  12. Model Rail Model of the Year 2017

    Done, although you practically need a map to find the poll. Very badly laid out. Best of luck, IRM.
  13. Came across this image online which shows the vastness of the freight yards that used to exist at North Wall. Hard to believe that most of the yards and the stock shown here no longer exist. Estimate photo was taken in mid 1980's.
  14. Like your thinking @Noel. Lots of CIE era stuff there.
  15. Two GNR Structures

    Very nice bit of craftsmanship displayed there.

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