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  1. iarnrod

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    Many thanks for uploading the Galway line pages, Jonathan.
  2. Looking for a copy of the CIE Working Timetable for 1972 if anyone has one to sell. Failing that, if anyone has a copy, looking for scans or photos of a certain route if anyone willing to oblige. PM me please. Thanks.
  3. iarnrod

    Extracts from old Working Timetables

    Jonathan, unsure if you are still taking requests, but if so, any chance of a few pics of the section covering the Athlone-Mullingar (Midland) route from the CIE 1972 timetable please?
  4. iarnrod

    back to the 90's

    I also know this location well as it's my local station, and this was an extremely accurate representation of it around that time. Amazing modelling skills. What happened to all the buildings after it was dismantled?
  5. iarnrod

    LIMA Murphy Models

    That livery looks really good with that logo; far better than the current logo. Speaking of which, any sign of MM considering a re-tool of the 071 to reflect the current loco configuration with new handbrake and no cab handrails? Potentially four liveries so far - black/silver with new handbrake and still with cab handrails, refurbished 071 in grey livery, 071 in CIE and 073 in IR livery all with new handbrake and no cab handrails.
  6. iarnrod

    Robert's Workbench

    Nice job. What brand and colour code of yellow paint did you use for the autoballasters?
  7. Riding the North Wales RHTT DVD €8 Brush Type 5 Class 60 Diesel Locomotives €7 British Rail Class 60 Locomotives €10 Looking back at Type 5 Heavy Freight Locomotives €8 SOLD EWS From Privatisation to DB €10 The Power of the 60's €8 Modern Locomotives Illustrated €4 each SOLD Cheapest postage for Ireland is Parcel Motel at €5.50. Payment by PayPal only. Can discount slightly for multiple purchases or €40 for the lot of remaining items.
  8. iarnrod

    IRM site stock levels.

    Think your stock level code might have thrown a wobbler. Everything showing as "HURRY selling fast - only a FEW items left in stock", but no actual count of items.
  9. iarnrod

    CIE Ballast Plough Now Available to Preorder

    Brilliant news. A bold move for IRM to make, so hopefully they will be a success sales wise.
  10. iarnrod

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    Just a thought, if the proposed run of the CIE van is a minimum of 500 vans or packs (I'm not sure which), would providing one pack with two running numbers and another pack with a different two running numbers maybe make people buy more packs? Unsure if this is even a possibility with the factory that IRM uses, but it might maybe make it more feasible for such a niche modeI and livery if this was the case, considering some re-tooling is required.
  11. iarnrod

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    Thanks for the reply, Fran. All valid points made, and it's great to be able to have a frank discussion with a manufacturer like is happening here. I guess for me the issue is that I want to model whatever period that gives me the most freight models from the period between 1980-1990. My preference is the CIE era around 1980, but if I thought the IR era will see more freight models produced, then I will go with that option. It's early days yet in terms of what freight models you have or intend to produce, and at the moment, the later period is more fertile in terms of freight models available, so at the moment you could say that I am sitting on the fence here. Once I am back from holidays, I more than likely will invest in some orange bubbles, as once they are gone, they are gone, and it would be a shame to miss out on them. That's just an insight into where I'm coming from if that helps explain things a bit better. Like I said, to be even able to have this discussion with a manufacturer sets you guys apart from pretty much all other manufacturers and that's really appreciated to see you take modellers opinions on board. Obviously though, at the end of the day, each model has to be a sound business decision for you guys, and I do totally understand and appreciate that.
  12. iarnrod

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    This topic was touched on in the fertiliser wagon thread, buy you could say some modellers are holding off buying CIE orange bubbles as there is a degree of uncertainty as regards how many of the models in the future will cover the CIE era. Now I know this is a bit of a 'catch 22' situation for the IRM lads, and they obviously need to be sure that a model will selll and be viable financially before producing it. While some of the current proposed range will overlap into the CIE era, albeit maybe with incorrect buffers (still no decision as to larger buffers on fertiliser wagons), there is still a degree of uncertainty there for modellers of this period as to whether this period will be fully catered for, and I'm guessing, although it might sound a bit contradictory, that this is maybe preventing sales of the orange bubbles. Also, the fact that the orange bubbles were introduced after it was initially said that they might be produced in the future and therefore some would have bought the ivory bubbles instead. I've been holding off on buying any orange ones until I get a more accurate idea of where the whole CIE area coverage in terms of models is going, and from the fertiliser thread, it seems that I'm not the only one. This is just an observation, and in no way an underhand dig at the IRM guys who's efforts so far have been amazing, but something that I feel does need to be considered when they make their decision as regards producing the plough van in CIE livery or not.
  13. iarnrod

    CIE Ballast Plough. Can you help us do it?

    Personally, I am really appreciative that you have listened to modellers and have taken the bold move to consider a CIE era plough van; a niche modelling period for what was a niche model to produce to begin with, with only five examples ever in existence. Also, interesting to see the differing stencil types on your proposed livery drawing. As the period that I intend to model would be around 1980, I am firmly in the CIE era, so I would definitely have an interest in these, and maybe even two packs of them if you are considering a run of CIE ballast wagons too. I would be interested to see what other plough vans carried identical stencilling to your drawing to allow for possible renumbering if buying two packs. Like everything else, there are plenty of tyre kickers in the railway modelling world, so I think the only way that you will get an accurate reflection of interest is to open an order book, and if the cut off point for making this viable isn't reached, then it won't happen. I don't think anyone can ask for more than that. Anyway, many thanks for making the proposal to us modellers and hopefully there will be sufficient interest to make these vans in CIE livery a reality.
  14. IRRS Journal No. 54 Feb 1971 €5 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT IRRS Journal No. 62 Oct 1973 €5 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Limerick and Kerry Railway €10 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT The North Kerry Line €10 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Irelands Railways Past and Present - Dublin €5 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Rails Through North Kerry €7.50 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Rails Through The West €7.50 The Railways of Ireland Past and Present - Dublin €7.50 CIE Working Timetable 1983 €15 Irish Railway Rambler €7.50 Trains, Coal and Turf €5 Rails Around Dublin €5 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Falling Gradient €15 SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Payment by PayPal only unless collecting in person where payment can be in cash. Postage at cost in all cases, but cheapest option by far for books (especially for more than one book) would be Parcel Motel. Can give some discount for multiple purchases. PM me if interested in any of the books.
  15. iarnrod

    Irish railway books for sale

    No PM received
  16. iarnrod

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    If you were to buy an Irish wagon kit, by the time you add in glue/solder, necessary tools to make it and paint, not to mention time, the IRM wagons are very competively priced, in my opinion, for such a niche market. Also, the quality of the IRM offerings, so far, is on a par, if not better, than some of the bigger UK model manufacturers. I never thought I would see RTR Irish wagons to be honest, so to now be able to buy such high quality ones in RTR, is amazing in itself, and personally I have no issues with the pricing structure to date. The IRM lads are putting a lot of effort into their offerings, so it's only fair they should get some return on their time and investment, plus they put smiles on a lot of modellers faces too.
  17. iarnrod

    Irish wagons V English wagons price wise.

    I think IRM do 250 packs of each set for the Irish market (but I'm sure one of the IRM crew will confirm). For the UK market they probably do twice, three times or maybe more of that amount of each set due to there being a much bigger market. It's like anything really; the more you buy or get made, the cheaper it is.
  18. iarnrod

    barrow street

    Brilliant. Just simply brilliant. Really interesting but effective way the buildings are formed.
  19. iarnrod

    barrow street

    Just gets better and better.
  20. iarnrod

    barrow street

    Love the photo of the blocks of flats. Such a Dublin design that you can't but identify where it is set. For me, this is the best Irish layout I've seen to date. The modelling is absolutely sublime. Be interested in finding out how long this took to build, considering its large size.
  21. iarnrod

    barrow street

    That's pure class. Love it. Work close to there, and that's an amazingly good resemblance to that stretch of track alright.
  22. iarnrod

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Thanks Fran. I think Dead Kennedy hit the nail on the head when they said it's hard to see such top drawer models become available but not in the livery of your chosen era. I have nothing but respect and admiration to the four IRM team members for taking the risk to set up IRM initially, and also for taking the risk for such a niche item as the plough vans. I also fully appreciate that IRM is a business after all, and needs to be run with a 'business' rather than a 'modellers' head, and your explanation for going with the IR and IE liveries for the plough vans makes a sound and valid business case in anyone's book. I look forward to giving IRM a good chunk of my bank balance for many years to come, and long may the top drawer IRM model releases continue.
  23. iarnrod

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    All valid points, Garfield & Co. However, the post on this site re. the 2018 releases did state the plough was being released in original CIE livery, so was a little surprised and disappointed when this wasn't so. In fairness, I said there was an IR/IE slant overall in what was produced to date AND what is to be released in 2018. The ivory bubbles may have CIE logos on them, as that's what they carried to the end, but the dates on the service codes are all in IE era on the models. The only true CIE era model produced to date is the orange bubbles. As I've stated, the launch of IRM got me back into modelling as I never thought I'd see Irish wagons being produced in RTR format, and I like everyone else, appreciates the huge gamble the four IRM lads took in launching the range. As I've already stated, I don't want this to sound negative as it's merely an observation/ constructive comments.
  24. iarnrod

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    Fully agree. It's amazing to see RTR Irish wagons being produced to such a high standard, but there does appear to be a definite slant towards the IR and IE periods in the actual and planned releases so far. I'm in the exact same position in that I held off buying ballasts initially as was fully sure that the earlier CIE brown livery would be produced and now find myself scrambling to find ballast wagons that I will most likely have to repaint. IRM 2018 announcement said plough van was to be produced in both older CIE and later I.E. liveries but then was disappointed to see painting diagrams only show IR and IE liveries to be released. Forthcoming Guinness wagons again only carry the I.E. era cages, spoil wagons are totally I.E. era and even the weedspray rake is I.E. era. All savage looking models, but not suitable for modelling the CIE era. Happy that at least that the forthcoming fertilisers and 42' Bell flats fit into CIE era, and I might even buy a weedspray pack to backdate the tanks to CIE period, but at the moment, will hold off on Tara's until blue livery is produced. Maybe the majority of interest among modellers lies in the IR and IE eras, but pretty sure that a survey on this site last year showed the CIE era right up there with the IR and IE eras. I got back into railway modelling thanks to IRM, and the prospect of RTR wagons being available, but have to say that I'm now considering if modelling the CIE era (my favourite period) is still a runner or if I need to start modelling IR or IE era, as freight has always been where my interest mainly lies. Some modellers will model all eras and some will only model one era, and I fit into the second category. As the previous poster said, this is nothing negative towards the IRM lads, as I realise they have to make financially sound decisions on what models or liveries to release, but more an observation or constructive comments.
  25. iarnrod

    IRM Plough Preordering Now Open!

    CIE version also had another difference to the model proposed in that there was half doors on the entrance either side. Not a total deal breaker, but something to consider if you plan on doing a CIE version from either the IR or IE versions that IRM will release. Leads me to yet another question, drawing shows IR liveried version with the doors, and I've seen a photo of one of them in early 2000's still with doors, so will IR liveried model come with or without doors? Apologies, Fran et al, must have your heads wrecked with all the questions at this stage.

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