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  1. Does anyone know if there is anything that passes "Islandbridge Junction" on Saturdays that isn't a passenger service, or if there is anything passing this saturday regarding permanent way, freight etc. Thanks all, any help is appreciated!
  2. Hornby Vs. Peco Track?

    Hello everyone, I just have a question regarding track for model layouts. Would you recommend hornby track or peco track for running Irish models? On my old basic layout I only used hornby track as that was the only track I knew of at the time but now that I've decided to build a more advanced larger layout (having seen other modellers on the site use the peco streamline track) I'm beginning to think that maybe it's time to move to peco. How do you think the two brands compare when it come to reliability, appearance, build quality and easiness to work with because those are the qualities I want in my new layout. I myself have found that some of my locos don't like hornby track, especially when it comes to points. Any help and feedback as well as advice is appreciated. Thanks all.
  3. Dunbell

    Hello everyone. I hope to keep updating this thread with progress on my layout. The layout I'm building is currently about 13 feet x 9 feet. I decided to build it in three main stages. For the materials I will be using 3 x 4-ply 15mm 8x4 plywood sheets together with 8 x 18 foot 2x3 planks for the base and support struts. It is being built in an outside shed which used to be a wreck but I've cleared it out, patched the roof, put in appropriate insulation to prevent dampness, plastered the wall and painted it and put in new carpeting, now it's finally layout friendly! When the main baseboards are laid the shape will be like a rectangle but with one slanted side to allow ease of access to the shed Section 1; This is what I already had completed before I started to take pictures of the progress: Section 2; Here I'm going to show you building this section from start to finish. First here's the untreated wood that I bought for the section (with the shed in the background): I then preserved the wood with a strong varnish/preservative, this also helped with the presentation. A loft layout mightn't need such treatment but because this shed can experience sub-zero temperatures together with heat I didn't want the base boards to warp. The more coats the better! : Screwing and nailing the support struts: I've cut the baseboard to the right shape but as you see the sides of the two baseboards are drooping over the edge so I have to rectify that and convert it into the one piece (next photo): Job done for tonight! Altogether what you see there was done over 2 days which isn't bad going I suppose : As for track layout and scenery I have very little planning done as of yet. I plan on doing some local scenery such as a quarry which I live near that the tracks pass, I think that it will look well and is relatively easy to do once you right stuff. This will definitely take a few months maybe even a year to get up to the standard that I'm happy with. More updates soon!

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