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    I am an amateur trainspotter and railway modeller from Donabate, North County Dublin. I welcome advice and questions alike.


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    Gricing and Railway Modelling

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  1. IrishModelRail

    Irish cement silo

    Thanks for the help, I had feeling there was no 'ready to plant' versions.
  2. IrishModelRail

    Kilmeg Progress

    Thanks Dave. I'm hoping to build a layout 10' x 6' with a space for me in the middle:)
  3. IrishModelRail

    Kilmeg Progress

    Some trains running on the layout. There's been virtually no progress since my last update back in October as I am planning to build a new layout.
  4. IrishModelRail

    Irish cement silo

    Hi lads, Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a cement silo similar to the prototypical examples in either Cork or Tullamore? Thanks, Seán.
  5. IrishModelRail

    Electrofrog or Insulfrog??

    Hi lads, I know this question has probably been asked a million and one times but which type of points are better; electrofrog or insulfrog? I am planning a new layout with more complicated track work than before so I need the best running quality and reliability possible. Thanks, Seán.
  6. IrishModelRail

    Amiens Street Terminus

    Wow now that is a layout:)
  7. IrishModelRail

    Fingal County

    Good to see you back, I can't wait to see more of your layout:)
  8. IrishModelRail

    Seán's Workbench

    A method called complete guesswork:)
  9. IrishModelRail

    Kilmeg Progress

    Thanks George:)
  10. IrishModelRail

    'Kent Station' build

    Oh my God what an incredible layout!!!!!!!!!!
  11. IrishModelRail

    Ennis to Waterford Timber

    So there were flows form Galway, Ennis, Westport, Ballina, Sligo, Killarney, Millstreet and Gorey? Were these all regular?
  12. IrishModelRail

    Ennis to Waterford Timber

    Thanks! When you say the timber returned to Irish Rail do you mean it had stopped at some point? The February 1999 IRRS JOURNAL states that 'on average, two trains per day are being operated to Waterford to service the Louisiana Pacific factory;' I wish there were that many nowadays! Why did the Galway, Ennis and Sligo timber traffic cease? And of course all of the other timber flows?
  13. IrishModelRail

    Ennis to Waterford Timber

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information on the timber traffic from Ennis to Waterford. I was unaware of this traffic until I saw a picture in the 'Rails through the West' book. The picture is from Limerick Check and shows 123 and 131 with 9/10 laden bogie timbers. The caption indicated that it departed Ennis at 17:00. The date is Saturday 13th of June, 1998. on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland 'Mapviewer', the satellite image from 2000 of Ennis shows a timber train in the yard so the flow ran at least until then. Does anyone know when it ceased? Why it ceased? How frequent was it? An help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks! IMR.
  14. IrishModelRail

    Bogie Cement Wagons

    Great photos, a sad sight though:(
  15. IrishModelRail

    Just a memory - Phibsboro Modellers Shop

    A fellow Gypsie! My dad is from Glasnevin and he would be very interested to look at this thread...

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