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    I am an amateur trainspotter and railway modeller from Donabate, North County Dublin. I welcome advice and questions alike.


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    Gricing and Railway Modelling
  1. Irish cement silo

    Hi lads, Does anybody know where I can get my hands on a cement silo similar to the prototypical examples in either Cork or Tullamore? Thanks, Seán.
  2. Electrofrog or Insulfrog??

    Hi lads, I know this question has probably been asked a million and one times but which type of points are better; electrofrog or insulfrog? I am planning a new layout with more complicated track work than before so I need the best running quality and reliability possible. Thanks, Seán.
  3. Ennis to Waterford Timber

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any information on the timber traffic from Ennis to Waterford. I was unaware of this traffic until I saw a picture in the 'Rails through the West' book. The picture is from Limerick Check and shows 123 and 131 with 9/10 laden bogie timbers. The caption indicated that it departed Ennis at 17:00. The date is Saturday 13th of June, 1998. on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland 'Mapviewer', the satellite image from 2000 of Ennis shows a timber train in the yard so the flow ran at least until then. Does anyone know when it ceased? Why it ceased? How frequent was it? An help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks! IMR.
  4. 'Relay Train'

    When 'Relay Train' is listed on the weekly circular, is it referring other LWR or what? Thanks, Seán.
  5. The Joy of Public Transport

    This lad certainly is letting off steam...
  6. Northern Line Resignalling Works

    Hi all, Does anyone know wherabouts the resignalling works are being carried out between Connolly and Malahide next weekend? Cheers, Seán.
  7. Hi all, Does anyone know wherabouts the resignalling works are being carried out between Connolly and Malahide next weekend? Cheers, Seán.
  8. Seán's Workbench

    Hi all, some pretty basic stuff to start off my workbench. No elaborate building or scratchbuilt locos, just a step-by-step guide of how I make signs for my layout:) Now a few images of the LED display I am making for my station. Seán (IMR).
  9. Bagged Cement wagon kit chassis

    Hi all, I am thinking of purchasing some Irish Freight Models bagged cement wagon kits but a chassis is not included in the kit. Can anyone recommend a place for me to buy a suitable chassis? Seán.
  10. Kilmeg Progress

    Hi all, no photos this time but a video of the progress on Kilmeg since my last update. Enjoy, Seán.
  11. Developments on Kilmeg

    I recently weathered my Murphy Models 071 Class and Bachmann Autoballasters. I also added some more signs and a few more pieces of scenery but nothing major:) I anyone has any feedback or advice please tell me:)
  12. Kilmeg Updates

    Some more recent pictures of my layout 'Kilmeg.' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2tKTnKLJ68
  13. Kilmeg - Cill Meaig

    Here are some photos and videos of my model railway 'Kilmeg.' Seo é griangrafanna agus fiseáin don mo mioniarnród 'Cill Meaig.'
  14. 8200 Class DART Interior

    Hello everybody, I was wondering if anyone has any photos that they can post or can direct me towards any photos on the internet of the interior of any of the infamous 8200 Class DART EMUs. Seán.

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