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  1. Benaughlin new layout

    Started to make trees. A low relief hedge , one with ivy on the trunk and one starting to change its colour for autumn
  2. Benaughlin new layout

    I been awhile since I last posted an update. Been doing a bit more on the station house.
  3. IMG 20161231 144817

  4. IMG 20161231 144826

  5. IMG 20161231 145422

  6. IMG 20161231 142724

  7. Hi after many years I'm now going to start my first real layout. The hope is to be a freelance layout based on the SL&nc railway flourance court station as a starting point with other bits & bobs from around Ireland as well. The hope is to build in o guage with the layout being built in. Module form, with the first one being about 1000 x450 mm with a fiddle yard at on end well this will happen at some point in the future. The track plan is bringing kept very simple a single line and short sideing. I hope as I go along I will post photos. Please all help will be greatly appreciated . Thank

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