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  1. After working on a few other things I'm back working o the layout. Started Railbus 2a
  2. Started to make trees. A low relief hedge , one with ivy on the trunk and one starting to change its colour for autumn
  3. I been awhile since I last posted an update. Been doing a bit more on the station house.
  4. A little bit of weathering to the station house. Light washes of water colour over the base colour .
  5. Early start on my next building a watermill
  6. A little more work on the station house
  7. Just finished the station house roof.
  8. Hi after a few weeks away starting a new job i have found the time to return to working on the layout .
  9. David this looks so good keep up the great work
  10. The base boards are coming along nicely. Thanks goes to my father in-law.
  11. Thanks for your kind reply. I know the area a little bit and it's definitely good advice to go and look at the actual place that's to be modelled. My wife and I have stayed a couple of times in Benaughlin Cottages which are right across the road from Florance Court. I was able to get some good photos of the area on our walks. That's why I've chosen to name my layout Benaughlin :-) I feel a research trip may be in need to refresh my memory and since I'm heading that way anyhow I can't miss up an opportunity to visit Headhunter's lol. All the best, Derek.
  12. Thanks for pointing me to eiretrains there's a few photos of flourancecourt goods shed I should be able to work from
  13. Does anyone have a photo of the Glrnfarne goods shed.
  14. Thanks, yes I think I would like to keep the station area to a Sligo theme. I will have a look at the agraphix kit and see. I do want to try and keep as much as possible to the flourance court layout and track plan as I csn.
  15. Hello I wonder if anyone can help me please. I'm looking for a small goods shed in keeping with station I'm working on. I'm trying to find a small Irish shed but as of now I'm not happy with the model or drawings I have been able to find.
  16. A quick update on the work in progress. This is how the station house is at the moment. The work this pasted few days has mostly been on the little storage houses. I have placed cobbles in the little yard and hand cut the cap stones for the walls.The next job is to make real wooden doors .I have an oak strip that I hope will work out in making both the doors onto the platform. The 2 doors in the yard will be made from a few coffee stirrer.
  17. Spent a few hours working on the station house
  18. Temporary fixing the ironwork to judge the fit
  19. For things like plasticard it will take a few cuts to get through so as to not destroy the cutting blade or the item being cut
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