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  1. After working on a few other things I'm back working o the layout. Started Railbus 2a
  2. Started to make trees. A low relief hedge , one with ivy on the trunk and one starting to change its colour for autumn
  3. I been awhile since I last posted an update. Been doing a bit more on the station house.
  4. A little bit of weathering to the station house. Light washes of water colour over the base colour .
  5. Early start on my next building a watermill
  6. A little more work on the station house
  7. Just finished the station house roof.
  8. Hi after a few weeks away starting a new job i have found the time to return to working on the layout .
  9. David this looks so good keep up the great work
  10. The base boards are coming along nicely. Thanks goes to my father in-law.
  11. Thanks for your kind reply. I know the area a little bit and it's definitely good advice to go and look at the actual place that's to be modelled. My wife and I have stayed a couple of times in Benaughlin Cottages which are right across the road from Florance Court. I was able to get some good photos of the area on our walks. That's why I've chosen to name my layout Benaughlin :-) I feel a research trip may be in need to refresh my memory and since I'm heading that way anyhow I can't miss up an opportunity to visit Headhunter's lol. All the best, Derek.
  12. Thanks for pointing me to eiretrains there's a few photos of flourancecourt goods shed I should be able to work from
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