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  1. bhoulihan

    Fliechmann flex track

    I have a layout using peco track but I want to replace it with fliechmann ho flex track with a new track plan when I get some track in the near future so I am wondering did any members have tried the fliechmann track
  2. bhoulihan

    Dcc layout

    I have a dcc layout but I have a few dc locos and rolling stock is there a way of running dc locos on the layout on it I have a hornby R8012 HM 2000 controller can just swap controller
  3. bhoulihan

    Peco points

    Do anybody have trouble with peco points when trains go over them that cause a short every time even though you clean the track & clean the loco wheels & oil it
  4. Every time I try a locomotive it stops at the same electro frog point  every time 

    1. Broithe


      That sounds like the switch blades, as in the picture I just posted - try making sure the moving blade actually connects to the fixed one.

  5. The. Peco points are a good electro frog points & wired correctly  

    1. Irishrailwayman


      Perhaps the wheels are wider or need to be re- gauged?

    2. bhoulihan


      Thanks for the tip

  6. bhoulihan

    Ballast track

    I am just wondering what is the easiest way to ballast the track the old fashioned way using 50/50 glue water washing liquid or try ballast magic by deluxe material as I never ballast track before and which type of ballast is the best to use
  7. bhoulihan

    Electric problem

    When runs on my layout the locomotives keep stopping at the same part of the point is anything Ivan do to sort it out as I clean the track before every run and clean the wheels on the locomotives as my ecos command station keeps showing the short sign as the loco comes near it any tips will greatly needed
  8. bhoulihan

    Electric problem

    At the moment it's just 1 locomotive just stops at the point I have test the rest at the weekend
  9. bhoulihan

    Railway items

    I am looking for someone to take them of my hands for free
  10. bhoulihan

    Railway items

    I have a lot of hornby track peco power motor points & other items for sale or good home as I am only working on doing a Irish layout
  11. bhoulihan

    Railway items

    If u want u can have them for free I can give to you if you're around cork I can post them to u
  12. bhoulihan

    esu ecos 50200 unit

    I am wondering is where can I get the esu ecos 50200 digital command station in Ireland as I have trouble finding it here
  13. bhoulihan


    I am from cork and I am looking for help with a simple lay out and wiring with a track plan as my baseboard is in 3 parts as I am not greatest u can contact me at billhoulihan@icloud.com
  14. bhoulihan


    Hi there I have a small problem I am debating to use foam underlay from woodland scenics r don,t use any on track plan I am to build & is flexi track any good

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