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  1. More 16mm pics

    Surprised at 77 views and no comments!
  2. More 16mm pics

    More stock for Killymard! I was given Phoenix, she requires a motor. The Loco is Kerr Stuart inspired, a what might of been for the Donegal. The coach is a Director' saloon, like all my coaches, card built. The final picture was taken at the last North Down Model Show.
  3. Lehmann plastic track

    Hi Would anyone have Lehmann 45 mm plastic track? Thanks
  4. Killymard

    3 new views of the KEMR. I hope the FM's don't mind my freelance Irish NG inspired garden railway!
  5. Irish NG in the garden

    Hi I model Irish inspired narrow gauge railways in the garden. The scale is 16mm/ft which using 45mm track is a fair representation of the 3Ft gauge. I understand it isn't really a copy of an Irish railway so I'll understand if I'm told I'm in the wrong forum! I'm enclosing a few pics of my efforts to date. Brian

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