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  1. Hi Paul, I model 16mm/1ft scale in Lisburn. I know there's a small difference but the larger scale narrow gauge world is very accommodating.
  2. Even amateurs should be able to see who has more tables than they ordered and remove as required. There won't be a next time, because that's me finished exhibiting 16mm scale in Ireland.
  3. And YOU have assumed here too. I was there an HOUR before it opened, others were setting up as well. As you were there on Friday, did you see who took them? I was there at 9.00 on Saturday, I have a life, a family and a job that entails shift work, so a Friday set up is unpractical. I did seek out an NDMRS person, who got me some tables, but not enough to run on. The tables I had ordered were gone, it was the replacements that were unsuitable. I wouldn't take tables that weren't belonging to me, but somebody in the hall did. If that's the mindset that's coming into railway modelling, then I'd rather be out of it. A reply to my email that I sent to the organisers on Sunday would be welcome.
  4. Blaine, yes, that's the reason. I can't remember if I informed them, as Saturday morning is a setting up time, and I was there shortly after the opening time for setting up. But that does not negate the onus on the organisers to ensure all exhibitors have what they requested. Either another exhibitor stole my tables, or they were never ordered. I emailed the show organiser on Sunday night, still waiting for a reply.
  5. My experience at the weekend doesn't match everyone else's. I arrived to set up on Saturday morning to find my tables weren't there. I'd ordered 3, enough to lay two ovals in my gauge. Three smaller tables were obtained, but they were smaller and I wasn't able to run. I had put a lot of work in to be ready, and I felt insulted.
  6. How many of you wish to see my 16mm models, admittedly Irish NG inspired but with the occasional genuine reproduction?
  7. Jnb, bring it to Bangor for a run!
  8. Or at my display, it'l be easily found, this banner will be above it!
  9. I'l be there with my Irish inspired models, and newly acquired Phoenix. https://www.ndmrs.co.uk/exhibition.html
  10. Am I the only 16mm Modeller on here?
  11. Surprised at 77 views and no comments!
  12. More stock for Killymard! I was given Phoenix, she requires a motor. The Loco is Kerr Stuart inspired, a what might of been for the Donegal. The coach is a Director' saloon, like all my coaches, card built. The final picture was taken at the last North Down Model Show.
  13. Tried that, It won't let me. Hence my posting that I still have trouble.
  14. It's not easy or straightforward? What sort of forum is this?
  15. I'm having problems uploading uploading pictures as well.
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