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  1. GM071

    New Murphy Models 201 Classes

    Hi All, Can anyone give us a bit of history on real life story of these particular models - are any still operational etc., Thanks GM071
  2. GM071

    Dublin bus city imp me1

    Hi All, Could anyone tell us what bus destinations and numbers did the IMP run on ? Any feeder ones to train stations ? Cheers GM071
  3. GM071

    Georges Workbench

    Great work as always George. Like the An Post fleet in the back of that shot! Any details on that for us. Cheers GM071
  4. GM071

    G Scale Garden Railway

    Excellent work as always George. How much rolling stock have you got, are you building or purchasing or both. Looking forward to seeing the photos as they progress! Cheers GM071
  5. GM071

    Speak Now, or Forever.... Public Transport Consultation

    It never ceases to amaze me how poor transport planning and implementation of plans are in Ireland. When you look at the transport network in Dublin (of which I am a regular DART rail user), the system could be fixed or adjusted very easily. In my view, its not an either / or argument as the NTA or IE would like you to believe between Phoenix Park tunnel or the Interconnector. Frank McDonald (Irish Times Environment Correspondent) suggested several years ago, that the infrastructure for transport in Dublin city could be rectified very easily by filling in the gap in Dargan's original masterpiece of rail planning which we don't use correctly. What he was arguing for was to build the "gap" in the system, or the interconnector (this could be done as discussed through PPP funding and charge the state a long-term loan). In-addition to this, McDonald suggested track realignment works at Heuston to join the Interconnector with the Phoenix Park tunnel (or at least allow trains to to travel both to Kildare and also operate into the Phoenix Park tunnel). Effectively this would mean IE changing its plan for the opening of the interconnector in Inchicore and allowing the opening to rise in the Heuston compound (possibly the car park and track sidings near the liffey). This would allow a new circle line to operate around the existing Dargan line and the new interconnector through the Phoenix Park. This would radically change the movement of people around the city similar to how London's circle line operates. The other radial lines would connect with this at all key junctions so it would allow all routes to be connected and make transport strategy change. You could still run Kildare traffic into the interconnector if IE wished but it would radically change the layout of the system. Obviously electrifying the line and operating DART circle line and on the Maynooth, Kildare and Dunboyne lines would need to be addressed to make the system all DART. The Airport link could still be built from Clongriffen to the Airport connecting everything to one system. The only change to IE's existing proposals would be the tunnel opening in Heuston for the interconnector changing, track realignment works and opening Phoenix Park tunnel. Think of the benefits......... It would allow passengers move from all parts of the city to each other for the first time by rail or within 2 rail movements. You would expect planners to have a master plan and that when we have the money or they can fund it that they would fill in the missing parts. But of course they don't.... All I can say is thank god for Dargan and his engineering excellence. Cheers GM071
  6. GM071

    Shapeways Bedford School Bus

    Hi Nigel, I would be happy to go with this kit, looks pristine. The price is steeo but the quality of the kit looks excellent. When do you plan to have these available for sale? Cheers GM071
  7. GM071

    SSM B101 Sulzer - a personal review

    Good on ya Dave, well said!! And you still managed to get the one liner in at the end! You can't beat an aul leveller like that, it brings everyone down to earth with a bang! And Des, keep the faith, they'll all be beavering away at their kits looking for solutions, god bless em all! Cheers GM071
  8. GM071

    SSM B101 Sulzer - a personal review

    Hi Warbonnet. Yes - I got one originally. And yes, have read Rob's feedback on the roof - its a problem but its fixable - not life or death. We're talking about railway modelling here not open heart surgery.... I agree there's nothing at all wrong with constructive criticism, just how its done is what we are discussing. In my view the thread has gone out of control since the first post. This is a commercial project for Des, he put his neck on the line etc., more than rest of us have done here with the eminent exceptions of Paddy Murphy, Dave Kavanagh and Irish Freight Models. Could everyone not just give him a bit of slack, as opposed to launching into every problem that anyone can potentially find which will have the envitable outcome of destroying any potential customers the guy might have. Just bare this in mind. I don't see a big rush to fill the gap of supplying authentic irish model railway materials. He does this but the damage that can be done to SSM brand as a result of over zealous enthusiasm to get all the critical points out in public could result in us losing a great supplier. And I don't see the huge rush to fill the gap in this very small market..... Lots of people seem to be quick to forget the way it used to be. Cheers GM071
  9. GM071

    SSM B101 Sulzer - a personal review

    I rarely post on the site but I'm an avivd reader (which is probably what 80% of the membership are on this forum after all). The carry-on in-relation to this thread has encouraged me to comment however. I have ordered a few bits and pieces from Des over the years and always found him to be a straight up nice guy who is very open to feed back. In fairness, he got up off his arse and took a risk, like all entrepreneurs. Ok there are problems with the kit but these are all fixable - its not life or death lads...... I have to agree with Train model on this, thought the tone of the original post was over the top, as they say in football terms - 'very much studs up' in tone. Yes - of course raise the issue but for god sake keep it in perspective. Jasus, we really need Dave Bracken to come in here on this one and take ye all down to earth with a bang with a good one aul fashioned one liner. I'm hoping that you just don't realise it but your coming across like a pack of aul ones - wingin and cryin. Where's the administrators on this forum to bring a bit a cop on to the discussion..... Cheers GM071
  10. GM071

    Shapeways Bedford School Bus

    Great news Nigel, will definitely be getting 2 when they become available. Well done on all your hard work to get it back on line. Cheers GM071
  11. GM071

    Shapeways Bedford School Bus

    Hi All Was there any announcement on the material for redoing the bedfords from Garaiste at the show over the weekend? Anyone have any news on this? Would love to see them back on sale to purchase again. Cheers GM071
  12. GM071

    Glenderg's Projects

    My apologies to Des aka Weshty@SSM(topclass!),Leslie Provinical Wagons, Baseboard Dave, plus if we are including all, the lads who run the forum - the social media revolution which is also a major educational leap forward to get the message out! Cheers GM071
  13. GM071

    Glenderg's Projects

    Hi All, Have to say that when I first read this thread way back, I genuinely could not believe my eyes to see Connolly Shed in miniature, it was incredible. The workmanship that went into these kits including the one for Anthony was amazing. It really deserves congratulations to Glenberg, I don't normally comment but this merits major praise. The use of technology, camera shots, cutting edge computer and printing equipment, structural design and so on have all been brought to this work by Richie.These latest buildings further add to what is fast becoming an impressive collection of buildings. I don't comment on the site that often, but you got to marvel at how far the irish model railway scene has come with all of these innovations and expertise. As we all know, any really authentic layout is a combination of all of the following components below: 1) imaginative track plans which allows for different stock movements to take place (you got to put the time into planning this to get it perfectly right); 2) realistic quality track which we now have with the innovations from pecco over the years; 3) DCC which gives us all types of options to work the stock; 4) Paddy Murphy, MIR, David Kavanagh, Silverfox, Irish Freight Models, Jim Poots with irish buses and others with there fantastic additions to RTR Irish stock 5) and finally the missing part to all of this - Glenberg's (Richie's) real life chunks of irish life in miniature with these wonderful buildings It is now possible to replicate almost anything in the Irish scene on a layout (only problem left is getting the space! Maybe NAMA can help us with this!). Think back lads 25 years ago. I remember walking around the RDS looking at the kit built irish model 141/181's on what were for there time amazing layouts. It was a combination of amazment and disappointment at the same time that no matter how hard you tried you could never achieve this at home. Fast forward to Raheny this weekend and now anything is possible in Irish model railways for the regular modeller. Would you have ever have guessed all this would be achievable back then? This shows the major leap forward for the hobby here and should really help to recruit alot more kids into it and ensure the future of the hobby as we get older! So well done Richie on a fantastic job and completing a very important link in the chain. I hope we see Glenberg Models formally launched very soon and you go into production on all types of structures!! Cheers GM071
  14. GM071

    Shapeways Bedford School Bus

    Thanks lads for the update, great news that they are due back on sale soon! TTc0169, fantastic photos of the bedfords, they look amazing on the layout and with the other range of Dublin Bus kits from Jim Poots. Cheers GM071
  15. GM071

    Shapeways Bedford School Bus

    Hi All, Just checking-in to see if anyone has any info regarding the Shapeways irish bus kits and whether the Bedford school bus is due to come back on stream in 1 : 76 size or matching OO gauge in size? I missed out when it was live on the site and of course its been gone from the website for sometime now. Any info on this? Cheers GM071

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