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  1. paulincelbridge

    Paul's Workbench

    Thanks Noel. Just a start, plenty of work still to do.
  2. paulincelbridge

    Paul's Workbench

    My first attempt at scratch building. This is based very roughly on the Chieftain style spoil wagons that sit on bogie flats. If this turns out ok I will try a set of three but more accurately reflecting the design of NIR's units. The holes in the base are to fit a Hornby "Frieghtliner" wagon.
  3. paulincelbridge

    Does anybody in Dublin stock the Back Track magazine?

    You can get it in the North at larger Easons stores, I get it when up in Belfast. http://www.pendragonpublishing.co.uk/html/retailers_ni_and_isles.html

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