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  1. Dhu Varren

    Dhu Varren

  2. If indeed it is a 'trip' working to St. Johnston, then the cars would be destined for the Republic not the North.
  3. The arrangement of the rings on a train staff were different for every section of track. They acted like a key to ensure they could only be inserted back into a machine appropriate to the section of line to which the staff was applicable. For the train crew, identification of the section of line to which the staff was applicable was simply by the name of the section being stamped, or cast, on the staff, ie station A to station B. The signal box at each end of the section was equipped with a "token instrument". This was a machine which detected the removal or replacement of a "staff" or "token
  4. BEFORE AFTER I recently took the bull by the horns and decided to look into the possibility of modifying my Baby GMs to have independent headlights, thus being able to switch the headlights on and off independently from the marker lights. Investigations revealed that it would be a relatively simple task to do. The first task is to remove the body and cabs. The cab remote from the radiator can be removed quite simply as it is a clip fit and can be pulled straight up with a slight twisting motion. The cab at the radiator end is glued to the body, so the cab an
  5. Without wanting to criticise what seems to be a solution to producing the Irish version of the Mk3 coach, but should the door at the kitchen end of the restaurant car not be a standard 'slam door', not a 'plug door' as in the picture above. Certainly all the photos I have seen of Mk3 restaurant cars show a 'slam door' at that end, and a 'plug door' at the other.
  6. Aside from the difference in the underfloor A/C equipment between Mk 2D and Mk 2F, the Standard class/2nd class BR 2D has the toilets positioned on the same side, whereas the Standard class/2nd class 2E/F have the toilets positioned on opposite corners. Super Standard class/1st class 2D/E/F all have the toilets positioned on the same side. The Irish Standard class '2D' has the toilets positioned on opposite corners.
  7. The routes to Derry/Londonderry could hardly be called a circular route as there was no connection between the GNR Foyle Road and the NCC Waterside stations.
  8. For the end blue stripe I cut the decal off at the door edge/handrail, matched up some blue paint and hand painted the blue. I then applied white edges using white lining of a suitable width, which then covered the edge of the brush painted blue. Much easier to apply narrow white stripes than the full width transfer.
  9. A lot of hard work there, with all that cutting and filing of diecast material.
  10. Found this in The Golden Years of The Great Northern Railway Part 1.
  11. Providing plasticard of a reasonable thickness is used, it will last a lifetime. the attached picture has three scratchbuilt locos in plasticard, the 0-6-0 and 2-6-0 (tender is RTR) n the front row, and the 4-4-0 in the centre row. All scratchbuilt some 40+ years ago, and still going strong, although could do with more detailing. The two 4-4-0s in the back row are modified RTR.
  12. Robert, it just came to me that recently I purchased from Model Irish Railways on ebay, some assorted brass etches of various coach parts. Included in these were some Mk 3 EGV vents. It might be worth contacting Ian McNally at MIR to see if he still has any. David
  13. If all else fails, scratchbuild one. The van is entirely made from plastic sheet, rod and strip. The only commercial parts used, were the two Hornby brake van roofs used to form the basic roof profile, the gangways are by Jouef, and the buffers are by MJT. As shown, the EGV is running on Jouef Mk 3 bogies, but has now been fitted with correct pattern bogies from Silver Fox. The pictures show the completed van, firstly in bare plastic, then in Halfords grey primer, and finally fully finished and painted.
  14. NIR never owned any pure 'BFKs'. Brake vehicles on NIR were one of two types, either a Brake Driving Trailer for use with the Hunslets in push-pull mode, or a Brake Generator Van for use with GMs The Brake Driving Trailers 811 & 812 with Standard Class open seating were purchased new in 1970, with 813 with First Class open seating in 1972. 811 was subsequently converted to an 80 Class Driving Trailer in 1988. In 1981 NIR purchased three secondhand BR BFKs, 911, 912 and 913. They were all converted to Standard Class Generator Vans. Before conversion, they all had four compartments
  15. If Aux 5 is at TTL power level, surely a TTL relay would suffice on it's own, apart from the clamp diode?
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