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  1. Excellent bit of kit bashing! That looks really good.
  2. I don't think so Colin, we are agreed that the cut down wagons were mostly if not all 4 plank. I am suggesting using a 5 plank purely as a "fun" exercise to get a representation of the style and not an attempt to make anything close to the reality.
  3. Great photos! I also thought the "cut down" wagons were from 4 plank and not 5 plank. I will try modifying a RTR 5 plank first though as that's what I have.
  4. Thanks guys, this is all good info. I will post photos of my attempts once I start.
  5. Thanks for the details. Not being a rivet counter, I was indeed looking at cutting down a couple of British RTR wagons. Were the NCC/GNR wagons all the same wheelbase or where there differences?
  6. Hi guys, I am looking for drawings or photos of NIR open wagons, ex-Cortaulds in particular. I am looking at modelling some old spoil wagons, the cut down version.
  7. Thanks Noel. Just a start, plenty of work still to do.
  8. My first attempt at scratch building. This is based very roughly on the Chieftain style spoil wagons that sit on bogie flats. If this turns out ok I will try a set of three but more accurately reflecting the design of NIR's units. The holes in the base are to fit a Hornby "Frieghtliner" wagon.
  9. You can get it in the North at larger Easons stores, I get it when up in Belfast. http://www.pendragonpublishing.co.uk/html/retailers_ni_and_isles.html
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