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    Halfway between Puckane and Nenagh
  1. Ok so I've taken the plunge a tried out a kit build. Based on Kevrail's Tesco Ive made a start. I was surprised how easy it was to put together, I have the kit months but was afraid to attempt it, i know this is probably the simplest kit you can get but i kept imagining myself with fingers glued together and pieces stuck in the wrong place but it went smoothly. Still a lot of detailing to be done but its a start
  2. New Bus From Oxford

    Just found a pic of this Part of Oxfords 2013 releases.
  3. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle will be ( hopefully ) a modern day commuter town with station handling, Intercity, Commuter, Dart and Enterprise. Layout will be in the loft with circular line around the edges of the loft. Plan is for 4 track run around. Outside the station will be a large bus station, the town itself will have a large stobart depot. Thats about the basics at the mo. So far i've gotten my water tanks moved and floored the attic my next step is to insulate the roof in some way and finish the electrics. Stock so far for Grange Castle is : Mark 2a IE Intercity coaches x 6 Galway coaches x 3 IE Genny Van IE Restaurant Cl.201 No. 222 River Dargle Cl.201 No. 201 River Shannon Cl.141 No 171 Bachmann 2 car Commuter Weedsprayer Autoballaster x 2 And a Virgin Pendolino 4 car set On the list for near future; Cl. 071 x 2 Cl. 201 Enterprise 2 X 4 car DART ( resprays) Thats about it at the minute, I'd love to say there'll be weekly or even monthly updates but its a case of do what i can when i can afford the time/ money to do it. But I am planning for around summer ( yeah I know, not even Christmas yet!) to have to the baseboards down and track laying to begin. On the Pendolino I have has anyone attempted or seen a respray of this into Intercity livery ? I really want this train to stay, I know i can have a wanderer but I'd like it to fit in. I'm not too bothered about resprays being model accurate but livery is important to me, sorry if i dont make sense with that last statement. And does anyone know what sort of price i can expect to pay to have it resprayed ( properly) ? Also does anyone have a respray DART ? would love to see it. Thanks.
  4. Station Announcement CD ?

    Hi, lads. Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a Station announcement CD available, modern if possible. I know i could go and record one but knowing my luck someone would keep plodding by as i was recording ! Thanks.

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