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  1. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

  2. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Buildings

    Hi folks Its been a while since i was on here. Good news is the baseboard and attic is complete, only took about 3 years but I got there in the end. Not much done layout wise but hopefully it'll kick off soon i'll update along the way, hopefully i'll have something more to show soon but for now here's a spar that i did
  3. Grange Castle

    Stobart liveried 201

    For anyone interested this is the list of extra atlas editions stobart vehicles that have been confirmed, 4649132 Scania R440 Drawbar Sustainable Distribution - Trailer no: Not known Calista Madison M344 PE61 KOX 4649133 Volvo FH Curtainside - Delivering Sustainable Distribution Phoebe Grace H4500 PX1O DJV 4649134 Scania Topline Fridge - Temperature Controlled Distribution Shona H132 PXI2 NYL 4649135 MAN TG XXL Refrigerated Curtainside - Temperature Controlled Distribution Ava Rose H6088 T20 ESL 4649136 Volvo FH Walking Floor- Biomass Sofia Taylor H4939 KX63 MZL 4649137 Scania 143M Short Curtainside - Script Lettering (Classic) Bumble Bette H158 N158 XAO 4649138 Volvo FH Skeletal/Container - Stobart Rail Container Style 2 Victoria Jade H4941 KX63 MZO 4649139 Scania Highline Curtainside - Delivering Sustainable Distribution Adrienne H5699 PL10 AMK 4649140 MAN TGX XLX Curtainside - Trans Store Logistics Caitlin Elizabeth H6098 PX58 EJA 4649141 Scania Highline Fridge - Steady Eddie Matilda H6668 PJI3 GAA
  4. Grange Castle

    Stobart liveried 201

    I think the Airport vehicles have best names, such as Loo-ise and Loo-Loo, the toilet waste collection vehicles, Aqua, the fresh water supply and Cand-ice the de-icer.
  5. Grange Castle

    Stobart liveried 201

    Oh a stobart quiz now i should get this right if not my love of all things stobart is slipping I'm going for..... Optimus Prime and Valentino.
  6. Grange Castle

    Casting for a TV commercial

    I am actually too young, by 5 months to be precise lol. God i havent been " Too young" for something for a long time
  7. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    Been away from the site for a while, hopefully back to normal from now on! Anyway a couple of pics for ya
  8. Oxford have a planned release of the hiab in D R Mcleod livery due July - Sept. Haven't seen a white one on the radar. The cab could be swapped over for one of the BP tanker cabs just remove bp decals, seen a few on ebay. Just a thought but it doesn't sort out the trailer flatbed colour. Stobart one now available from the club.
  9. Grange Castle

    What did y'all get?

    A few stobart goodies for me and a samsung tablet, well chuffed with that ! Merry Christmas everyone !
  10. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    We sure are glued to the couch watching it, both me and my 6 year old son, think santa will have to bring a few stobart goodies for him again this year and me hopefully ! Yeah the model is class i'm impressed with the detail in it. The skeletal and container are now available from the club shop if you are interested.
  11. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    Yeah its from the corgi built to last range, stripped and re-decaled. Its not quite 1/76 but its not far off. Someone in the UK apparently measured it to be 1/77 which to me is the same ! Oxford are releasing a 1/76 model of a modern ambulance in the new year so my ones may only be a stopgap. I just thought the shape and size of these was fairly spot on.
  12. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    Thanks. The reach stacker is from the Atlas Editions Stobart collection. Same casting as the oxford release cant remember the livery on that one. Great detail in it including the sliding cab. The recent less co container released has attachment points to put it on the stacker
  13. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Vehicles

    New Arrivals Stobart Reach Stacker DFB Ambulance Delta 84, part of a batch of 4 thats arrived, ( D14, D24, & D74 ) still needs a bit of work.
  14. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Buses

    Yes I was at the show, I have a scania on the way at the moment, not my favourite livery but i still have to get one
  15. Grange Castle

    Grange Castle's Buses

    Ah I'm just one of these people that assumes if i can see something wrong with it everyone can, your right though, very little out of place on it.

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