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IRM - Tail lights - How to open a cement bubble?

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IRM - How does one open the bubble of a cement wagon without causing damage?  I'd like to fit a tail light module in one bubble at the end of a rake.  

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Don't have one in front of me to assist with photos, so hopefully this should suffice. 

There is a hole centrally in the base with two screws either side. (The side screws detach the entire bubble from the chassis, so leave them alone)

Using a thin Philips Head Screwdriver, remove the screw in the centre, and the top part will come off, from solebar upward. You may need to assist the two lugs for each ladder from the frame. 

Refitting - Place the bubble back in it's location, and screw home. Using a cocktail stick, put the tiniest touch of superglue on either lug, and using a tweezers, guide each one into the openings. Repeat other side.  R. 

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