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Operating Dapol Semaphore Signals


I am considering using Peco switches to control the points on my layout but would also like to use them to operate Dapol semaphore signals so I can have a signal cabin lever frame effect. Does anyone know if this can be done?  Thanks.

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The Dapol semaphores are controlled by a pushbutton to change its position. The pushbutton shall connect two yellow wires. Each time you press the button the semaphore changes position.

The Peco point switches have a momentary contact at each end of the lever movement which makes it difficult to use here.

There are several solutions out there to allow a "lever effect":

  • There are a few commercial kits that allow an on-off switch to generate the momentary connection the semaphore needs. Simple solution but the unit may get out-of-sync with the semaphore.
  • MERG has a kit to change the behaviour so that a single yellow wire is controlling the semaphore. Connect this yellow wire to an on-off switch. A fiddly solution as you need to replace the built-in circuit board. It can be done. I have done it twice.
  • The Megapoint guy has a video showing how he replaced the existing mechanism with a servo. Then he controls the semaphore with his Megapoint controller which even allows him to get the bounce effect.

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