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Suitable donor chassis for Studio Scale Models no. 85 "Merlin"


Hi guys,

I was just wondering whether anyone knows of a suitable donor chassis that would fit the SSM "Merlin" kit, as it would be a bit outside my budget to purchase the gearbox, crankpins, motor and wheels from them along with the kit.


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Hi Gortalainn

A small 4-4-0 chassis like the Fowler 2P Class could be a starting point? but you need to consider the alterations you will have to make to the SSM kit to get anything to fit- Peters Spares do this chassis at around £45 or so! but take a look at it on their site and I think you'll find your into some serious mods to it and the kit!-


A new 4-4-0 model will cost anywhere from £90 to £140- second hand at a guess €50.00 and it's second hand!

Someone on here might know one more suitable but my reckoning is you are far better off saving up the dosh and get the right stuff and minimise the headache trying to hack it together for not much less

or maybe your into the challenge😮

Model building is great fun


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I agree with Eoin its a far better long term option to build the loco with the chassis as supplied in the kit rather than attempt to modify the loco body to fit a rtr donor chassis. 

Markits wheels in combination with a High Level , Branchline or DJH gearbox and Mashima motor is probably about the most cost effective option, all up the wheels gears and motor should cost no more than £95 . The Markits  LMS/BR Fowler 4-4-0 package may be suitable for a GNR Compound and inclueds wheels, axles & crank pins.

The combination of Markits wheels in combination with a Branchlines Multibox or DJH gearbox and a Mashima motor is a bullet proof in terms of durability and ease of assembly, and likely to outlast a modern rtr loco. 

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