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21mm conversion kit for IRM hopper wagons

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Applying a little bit of lateral thinking, it would be simpler  to fit a replacement chassis(& preserve the re-sale value as a OO model) rather than attempt to widen the existing chassis or thin the backs of the w irons to fit 21mm wheelsets.

I used the 20' flat wagon fret to illustrate the concept, the flat wagons had lighter underframes, brake shoes on one side and tie-downs for securing loads.

 The width over solebars of the IRM & JMD underframes  are very close, the use of metal allows a closer to scale thickness solebars and W irons leaving adequate for 21mm gauge wheelsets on 28mm axles.

The hopper body would fit to the underframe in a similar manner to the IRM model, the kit would include end braces and other details so that there would be no need to butcher the IRM chassis to complete the conversion.

The conversion kit would have the heavier solid w irons and brake shoes on both sides used in the hopper and cement bubble underframes.

Please reply on this thread or send a PM if you are interested, the conversion kits would be supplied in sets of 3 complete with 28mm non-magnetic axles and castings , buyer to supply wheels.

I will re-master the springs and dampers as I am not 100% happy with these castings, which is the main reason I have not introduced the flat wagon kit.




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