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Maryville Junction

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Geoff Johnston


I started to build my layout last year, It is based in the roof space, and is 10x16 feet in size.and is North /South Irish rail.I have to levels which are both connect by two single road inclines...After seeing all the super layouts and modelling on this great little site...I thought people might like a look at mine... It can be viewed on YouTube by typing in Maryville Junction..Sorry having never up loaded to the forum before I am at a loss on how to share video,s on here...any feed back would be appreciated....Cheers for now Geoff.....

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Looking good...



It's actually quite simple to post a video - when you know how - just click on the 'film strip' on the far right of the 'controls' when you're posting - between the 'picture frame' and the 'speech bubble' - paste the link for the video in the box that pops up and click OK. If you 'hover' the cursor over the film strip, you should find that it reveals itself as Insert Video.

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Broithe...am at a loss what I am doing wrong ....Could you please upload my latest video from You tube to the forum....My son in law is a wizard on the computer so when he calls next week I will get him to talk me through this mine field ..Its not easy being a Grown up....

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