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  1. Discount found , Order received ,Now to sit by the door & wait for the postie but I might wait till the snow goes 😜
  2. I've been waiting for this news for an age, now where did I leave my discount code? 🙈
  3. The postage is little bit steep @ €20!
  4. Good condition, no box , €15 a piece ,€60 total not inc P&P
  5. Hi Eoin, I had the pleasure of seeing your work at Stilorgan today, amazballs ! I think another savings plan is required:-bd Mark
  6. Well I'm happy with mine , & my iPad seems to turn everything TAN!
  7. They do look good, Dam Good, I know I'll end up in the dog house but should have a couple on Tuesday
  8. Taken aback, a fantastic layout, look forward to seeing it progress
  9. Great thread on your fantastic layout, just goes to show what can be done with planning & hard work, I now know who to call when it comes to digital switching :-) Mark
  10. Well Broithe I got digging & dug out my Fleischmann cleaning wagon it's in shocking condition, felt has been worn away & the belt has just disappeared ... So stuck it on the track , took a few shots with the camera with a little homage to the Fleischmann video you posted earlier, if you do watch it be worned the editing is complete RTE & it's a bit Long winded. I will defo need a track cleaner after running some old hornby goods wagons.... [video=youtube_share;gtnCyDF9bDA]
  11. Broithe, your European network is worth it's weight in fishplates , thanks Sentinal & Fonzie & thanks to Tony re gaugemaster ,I'll stick a vid up when I get it working
  12. I think that's the best option as I've been unable to crack their enigma either, by the way the Fleischmann site reacts I doubt they do them but we never know..., Mark
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