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  1. When do pre-orders open?
  2. I had thought of the same terminology with regards to my wagon book, but especially for steam there is a lot of overlap with the various companies so its not as 'cut and dry' as the UK with its distinctive 'big four' era etc. So far I'm working along the lines of: Era 1 - Pioneers (Pre 1900) Era 2 - Golden Age of Irish Steam (1900-1940) Era 3 - Decline and replacement (1940-1970)
  3. Quite proud of how these coal loads turned out! They are the Dapol ones that came with the unpainted wagons, sprayed with gunmetal grey to give a graphite sheen then blackwash to give some texture and matte areas. Super pleased that it captures the shiny yet dusty look of certain coal grades haha
  4. Updated pics of the finished wagons. I know they aren't accurate to anything in particular but now I have a decent length irish frieght train to run
  5. I love seeing colourised pics like this. Yeah the AI generated ones have a long way to go, but they give an impression of 3 dimensions at least. Its amazing what kind of detail starts to pop out at you when you see it in colour. Maybe its just me but I find it quite hard sometimes to pick out B&W photos as 3d haha. There is a chap on twitter who does beautiful colourisations in brilliant detail but I can't remember his name now. I'll find it later and post it. Not sure if he has done any trains yet but some lovely city views.
  6. Lovely day for a read in the Garden! Happy St Patricks day everyone.
  7. Lovely model! Would look lovely in blue too for anyone modelling Whitehead:)
  8. Is it the late Coca Cola train delayed from the Christmas season?
  9. I know these aren't due for another few months yet but after placing my order I'm already sitting at the window waiting for the postman in anticipation
  10. Cleared the table and added some of my rolling stock just to get a feel for the layout again. Any suggestions for buildings, platforms, scenery etc to add? (I know the signals are incorrect but these are just for decoration haha)
  11. Okay so I'm quite proud of this 'happy accident'. I made up some blackwash to weather the wagons i painted earlier, then proceeded to weather a lot of different wagons just to use it up, then i had a BRAINSTORM As seen in previous pics on the post, this siding area was covered in white filler (to represent gravel/dirt etc of a yard) and i was worried about having to paint it, however i thought i would try the blackwash on it and lo and behold, it has come up a lovely shade of concrete grey! I will make up more wash with a bit more paint in it to darken it further but for now
  12. Lovely!! Dapol are a god send honestly. I love that the van bodies are all interchangeable, i bought a few unpainted vans then some spare bodies for them so i can paint them into different liveries and swap them around and have different rakes for very little money compared to buying fully painted vans
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