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  1. It certainly is a milestone worth savoring, I'm not seriously whinging about new stuff before the A's have even landed, I'm just having fun adding to the running joke about updates on this thread
  2. No news for a few hours, are the second run of A's nearly in Irish airspace yet??
  3. This is how I remember them! Yellow door with the red diamond and the lovely teal stripe up the side. Was this an NIR livery or Translink? Or both? I remember seeing them with the NIR logo but also remember seeing translink stickers on the side
  4. I cant wait to order a set of these stage but depending what else gets announced over the next year I might end up getting three packs because i really want the DVT, a generator and a grill haha. That said my layout is literally only a single loop oval so a 9 carriage train would end up with the arse end and front end coupled together
  5. I know they are probably all different stages of development but was there timescales for announcements? i remember seeing on another post that there would be 'multiple announcements coming soon'
  6. So I should wait to see if any Hunslets are announced or IE livery mk2s to run with my A class 054 then? Also are these mk2s the 'gatwick set' I see mention of or were they different? I think the ones above are before my time as I remember seeing trains with teal striping, not yellow. Perhaps that was early Translink livery though. It was around the turn of the century, I remember vividly sitting in burger king in yorkgate before going to the cinema, watching the trains thunder past with lovely yellow ends with red diamonds, and they definitely had teal lining with the blue and grey
  7. Which of the A-class liveries ran with which of these coach liveries?
  8. Absolutely!! RRP sounds good for the irish 3 pack and at least then you get a ready to go rake instead of having to pay some tom dick and/or harry £300 for a ten year old coach!!
  9. Gorgeous! I'm absolutely sold on the close coupling/gangway gap thing. Massive gaps have always bothered me so these look wonderful! Now I'm looking at my old hornby mk2s all half painted wondering if I should finish them or just send them for scrap and get these new ones instead To be fair though my ones are being painted orange, so these new NIR ones wont clash with it
  10. My wildly silly/hopeful guess is a range of GNRi Class V's
  11. Ooooh exciting! Mk2s and 3s are great, but it would be awesome to see some other coach types being represented 6 wheel bangers in a variety of liveries from north and south like the Irish version of Hattons Genesis? "IRM Tús" perhaps?
  12. Perhaps a plethora of oo9 stock and loco to run a model of the Guiness brewery railway? Perhaps a plethora of oo9 stock and loco to run a model of the Guiness brewery railway?
  13. i know you folks are probably bored hearing about requests/suggestions by this point but given the similarities.. would a C class be in the works after? Any excuse for an NIR livery haha
  14. If yis are taking requests like a DJ at a wedding I'll take some pics of the day-glo panelled 90s rave loco's please due to the mould line I'm guessing plastic, but to be fair it looks like they could easily be replaced with a wire one if you wanted to
  15. Agreed I wish Hattons released a rake of unpainted coaches similar to how Dapol do with vans/wagons etc. Not only would it be handy for us Irish modellers fighting over shades of green, but also for anyone interested in making their own fictional livery for their own railways. I've seen lots of great custom painted wagons with great liveries and ideas behind them, but not many custom coaches. (Also, forgive if this is going too far into derailment territory, but I wonder if it would be possible for IRM and Hattons to work together on a commission batch of coaches similar to how MM has done with Bachmann in the past, and how Rails of Sheffield does with Dapol etc)
  16. On one hand, great news to hear that the run is 65% sold already, on the other hand, nightmare for me because I don't get paid until the 15th so will probably miss out on getting a second A class (Plus Hattons genesis are due next month AND a lot of Transformers pre-orders I have waiting so its about to be a VERY expensive summer haha)
  17. Roof held on by magnets, body held on by screws instead of dodgy clips that break after one removal... bliss! Body removal/servicing is one of the biggest reasons I hate diesel models because I always end up breaking them haha. This on the other hand, looks totally eejit proof! Thank you! Related to that, do the bogies come out for easy maintenance too? Also to echo the comments above, my mouse cursor has been hovering above the 'pre-order' button on a few more of these over the last few days but I'm staying strong! Can't remember what number I ordered already but it was one of the late day-glo versions. I am sorely tempted to get one of the early liveries too, either that gorgeous silver or the green... having two similar but not identical locos running on my heritage layout would be pretty cool... ..no..NO! I'm away to have a cold shower!
  18. Oh my! Thats pure pornography, you should be hosting images like that on an 18+ section of the site Also I love how these models show how bizarrely skinny 00 gauge track is, not only for Irish locos but for British designs too. That said, I can't be arsed changing all my track...so 00 it is
  19. Where they flown over on expedited delivery on an Antonov 124 like IE 201 was?
  20. Gorgeous!!! I can't remember if I ordered A36 or A54 but either way both of them look gorgeous, cant wait to see what those day-glo panels are like
  21. that sounds ridiculous!! I can understand tax for things like businesses but surely a person to person transaction on the likes of ebay should be exempt from VAT, especially if its a personal account rather than a business/shop account.
  22. When do pre-orders open?
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