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  1. This is another one which you can spend a small fortune on... Amazon.co.uk is selling a "New" copy for.....wait for it......£907!! Of if you can't quite afford that a "Used" copy from £9.80. https://www.amazon.co.uk/IRISH-LOCOMOTIVES-ROLLING-MARSHALL-ANDREW/dp/B001OA82C8
  2. Hornby R.768/R720/R721 from C.I.E. Slainte Express up on ebay, if anyone is interested https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Hornby-R-768-C-I-E-Orange-Black-Livery-Hymek-Class-35-Locomotive-2-Carriages/293819771275?hash=item446905e98b:g:Oy4AAOSwPjZfpxzs
  3. Hi all, I've just seen USED copies of this book on Amazon - both UK & USA - for silly money!! Is there something special about it that I'm missing? Amazon.co.uk £146 & £219 Amazon.com $386
  4. Unsure Sven-E but based on their age I'll have to say DC.
  5. So simple in the end. I had the magnet casing the wrong way round, thus the power was the wrong way! Doh. Thanks for your suggestion Popeye, it actually was right but I had to work it out.
  6. Hi Popeye, thanks for that. Unfortunately it didn't work. Just wondering if its anything to do with the magnets? Cheers
  7. Hi all, Just looking for a tip on engine direction.... I have 3 engines that use the Hornby Hymek Class 35 engine. I wasn't working properly but I've sorted that now. My issue is that when testing the engines 2 go in the same direction when powered up but one goes the opposite way. When I swap them around the same. Is there something that I have to do to get them all heading the same direction? Cheers, Shane McD
  8. No, you're grand LM. Being new to the forum I wasn't sure what the protocols were. Cheers, Shane
  9. Hi Lambeg man, I'm assuming you're asking for my question to be re-directed to "Services" forum? No problem. I wasn't sure where to originally post it. As for the recommendation - as I intend to sell this particular engine on i don't want to have to spend money on it that i won't get back so I doubt I'll send it to him. But again, thanks for the reply. Cheers, Shane McD
  10. Wrenneire THAT IS SPOT ON. WOW, that picture brings back memories.
  11. Hi Lads, Apologies for opening some old wounds here... Back in Christmas 1977 - Yes, 1977 - I received from Santa a C.I.E. Orange Livery Train Set comprising of the R.768 Hymek Class 35 Engine along with two carriages - R.720 Mark 2 Open and R.721 Mark 2 Brake. To the best of my knowledge it was boxed as one set along with track (standard oval) and a cardboard tunnel (I think). There is no record on the HornbyGuide website of this set or the carriages - the engine is mentioned under "Uncatalogued". Any hows, I still have the engine (in fact I have two) and the carriages. Th
  12. Hi All, I have had a Hymek Class 35 C.I.E. Livery Engine (Hornby R.768) since the late 1970's - actually I have two but one is on the blink. I have one that runs reasonably but the other will not budge. Obviously age may have something to do with it so what I am considering doing is purchasing a replacement Power Bogie (I have seen one that is available at what I would consider a decent price). So, what I am wondering is this: Should I make an attempt to service the original power bogie first (following a youtube video that I have seen) or just replace it? I don't have
  13. Thanks DiveController Some guys on another forum said that it is not common for the numbers to be etched on the stock. Some of the lower Hornby R numbers have been recycled and R.768 is now a packet of "Cows"!!
  14. Hi all, new to the site. A quick question with regard to reference/catalogue numbers of Hornby Stock. I have some old(er) engines and rolling stock from Hornby and, with regard to the R.758/R.768 C.I.E. Livery Class 35 Hymek, I know that the "R.758" is etched on the underside of the engine. My question is: Do all the engines and rolling stock have the catalogue numbers etched on them somewhere or no? Cheers Shane McD
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