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  1. Will give you price of postage if you're chucking them
  2. 11x5 is a good size to work with, guessing you can walk around it, would you think about putting up a backscene up through the middle? Maybe do a country theme at one side and a city theme at the other. Think gradients could be troublesome on a layout this size and original plan is trying to pack too much in, I was told on here think model railroad and not model train set
  3. Finally got back to doing a bit on the layout, hoping to make good progress on this side over the next few weeks but for now....
  4. They are ho, just looked up the real excavator spec, 12 feet to top of cab (41mm in ho) and that's what it measured so guessing just a big machine,
  5. Received last week, happy with quality
  6. Haven't done much in a while but started experimenting on the lorries I picked up, here is the first try
  7. Picked up these after seeing them on a newsletter http://m.ebay.ie/itm/261861445952?nav=SEARCH http://m.ebay.ie/itm/141645007217?nav=SEARCH Seems good value
  8. The respray helped improve the crane alright. Was very toy like, Must get some decals to finish it off, I was very pleased how the scalescenes textures came out, bit tricky to have no air pockets and keeping the sides from lifting but worth the effort. Thanks for the encouragement though, lots more to do!!!
  9. Got a few bits done to the container yard area Used scalescenes prints for the ground Resprayed an old Lima container crane
  10. Put together a small fleet of container lorries to service the container yard
  11. Just wondering if a similar event will be run this year???
  12. The tutorials section would certainly be a good place for any teaching, and tutorial requests is a great idea. I was just saying site news might be the place to discuss changes to the site. Maybe a revamped "knowledge centre" would work well
  13. Definatly worth a thread to discuss how knowledge is passed on, my opinion is something like the dcc subsection does, probably site news/help would be the correct place for it
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