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  1. I dod vote for grey as i only was permitted one choice but would also definately have purchased further orange under different serial numbers ( i already have 3 of E and 3 of F). A batch of 250 of each might keep everyone happy and enhance what modellers may already have. I know a further run of the Irish cement logo bubbles will sell as there was huge demand for what at the time was a limited release and more ivories in CIE would always be welcome seeing how long they remained in that livery, many until their end of day.
  2. Would it be possible to do a batch of three for each of the four categories, i would like some more orange with different numbers but would like to add 3 grey as an example of original livery.
  3. Dead Kennedy

    Vote for IRM!

    All possible votes to IRM, hope you sweep the board. Well done.
  4. Congratulations on the sell out and i hope it helps give a picture of the numbers interested and demand there is for CIE rolling stock 1960s/70s. Bring on the greys...
  5. Hi, will IRM venture into Park Royal/Laminate production in future years or is the only option to be IFM? It would be great to know some medium long term plans (presuming all going well) for budgeting purposes/ happy thoughts, i suppose i mean by that Sulzers, E Class as well as the carriages listed above.
  6. Dead Kennedy


    Yes, Lime Green is correct. Check the IRRS archive page, it has a shot of one in its title picture
  7. Dead Kennedy


    That would be brilliant, Thank you Fran/IRM
  8. Dead Kennedy


    The Tara Mines wagons look absolutely brilliant. Well done. I am hoping that the original versions in blue will be released in the not too distant future?
  9. Would be great to see 001 in Supertrain livery. I would love to see several more in this livery as a number of goods/ freight sets alone are almost specific to this loco/livery: Fertilizer, Taras: original blue & 2nd roof Tara's, Ammonia, various mineral trains, early Liners (with baby GMs), as well as many passenger hauled ( esp Suburban) trains. 018 is going to be running a lot of train sets from the early 70s to mid 80's at the same time!!! Also, 018 and A23R will be the only two models to share the same design configuration?, i.e. redesigned roofs with original windows/cab lamps/no caws/ snatchers, hopefully more class numbers will be produced once the design has been approved? I would certainly buy four or five more in this important and long lasting livery/ configuration.
  10. Hi Mark, how did the MKIIs turn out and can you recommend a good weatherer?
  11. Surprised to see the yellow-pannelled MV is the slowest seller. I think it will look the best upon production and will be subsequently much sought after, after it's release; it's main problem will be rolling stock availability/suitability. Mixed goods for now. Hopefully Park Royals/ Tin Vans to come...ps IRM, would look great on a future release of B113/4 or on the C Class
  12. You could introduce Mandy to one of the 60 beauties above but we're going off track here 😁
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