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  1. My god, the choice! I think i will go for the NCE powercab starter set, as it's cheap,(relatively), there's no need to buy anything else(I have literally no idea what to buy) and seems decent. Thanks so much for the help. Brian
  2. Thanks all, I finally have an idea what to do. I'll keep you posted on the layout.
  3. I'm getting back into railway modelling, and I decided that my layout would be DCC. I really have no idea about it, and I'm wondering what would be the best controller for around €100-150/best decoders for MM and how to convert DC to DCC. thanks
  4. Do you know which 071 liveries pulled that?
  5. Do you know which 071 liveries pulled that?
  6. I have a few late cravens lying around, and I'm wondering which locos ran with them. Some one already told me this, but I've already forgotten...
  7. Ah god, it had me excited for a second. thanks
  8. I saw multiple pictures of these mk3s repainted in new livery, Under one of the photos them it said "paint testing". What does this mean?
  9. Thanks,im not exactly skilled in building so I might have to go for the bachmann model, and thanks to burnthebox, thats the cheapest one ive seen.
  10. I'm looking for any IE MK3s (i don't care if they are resprays)or MK2ds (orange roof only).
  11. I've always wanted a 2700, but i despise the bachmann model. Any idea where i could buy a realistic 2700?
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