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  1. I Bought  Set off Ebay a Few Months Bck.Compressor + Tank,Air Hose & 2 Airbrushed Set.I Think Startin up The Project off Sprayin my own Models & It Starting 2 Cost More Than What I Thought It Would.4 Set of Lifecolours Panits of 6,Thinner, Cleaners.Satey Items 2 Get Nxt.😔😕😅😄😁imageproxy.php?img=&key=ac96cff20d889157b-4 I Start Mt Sprayin.

  2. 2 hours ago, Noel said:

    Your welcome.  I was only affirming what @WRENNEIRE had already posted. 

    The RPSI coaches are beautiful and mine are just waiting for a 3173 maroon GSV to run with.

    I would in Interested in 3173 Maroon GAV 2 run with my Set.Is there  any plans of 3173 Maroon GVS.So I Cn Make 1 Frm a Old coach.

  3. That Murphy Models 4 u Divecontroller.........................There Not 2 Bad  Did u Watch the 1st Vidoe @ the top of the Page that Lot of wobble the cream and blue  to my eye especially the First coach.........

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  4. imageproxy.php?img=&key=ac96cff20d889157Hello & Good Mornnin Irish Railway Modeller.I am Wnting 2 Know If Theses 11 WRENN Railways Wagons (W5033) Brown Ventilated Van ("H" Van) Pass 4 CIE Rollin  Stock as I Bought Frm My Club In Belfast.

    Pictures 2 Follow:Will not let me download pictures.😠😯☹🙁😟

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