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Tara Mines Train Times???

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Hi all, hope everyone’s keeping well! Just wondering, I’m in Dublin for the week until Friday (June 4th) and am looking to do some long overdue train-watching!!! Can anyone tell me the up-to-date times that the Tara Mines Trains arrive/depart Navan/Alexandra Road please?? A time for a pass through Howth Jnct would be helpful (no hassle if unavailable!!) too as I think I might go there to spot; I’m looking to film a variety of stock! Much thanks and stay safe all!!

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I sit in my study within sight of them. 

Sadly, they almost NEVER run to timetable path. In the early months of this year I made a note of what times they passed Malahide, and in a typical week one or two came along when they were supposed to.

It seems that they dance to the tune of the mine, and try to slot in between passenger trains once they get to Drogheda. Northbound empties are just as random.

This very day a northbound empties passed here (outside Malahide) at 12:00. It isn’t due until 14:36!

One day I heard an 071 at 14:36 and went to the window expecting to see a northbound train - instead, a SOUTHBOUND working went past, at exactly the time a northbound should have.

Hypothetically, but in reality almost never;

Ex-Tara southbound laden:

09:10   12:15.  18:45

Ex-Dublin Port northbound empty:

13:50   18:50   23:05

That last one, the 23:05 north, is supposed to pass Malahide at 00:18, but it has passed here as early as 21:45 or so, and NEVER later than 23:40 in my time watching.

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5 hours ago, 226 Abhann na Suire said:

Heading North or Southbound because, in the end I actually saw the empties heading north behind 088 at 16:10 through Howth Jnct so I’m all happy now!!! Thanks!

Excellent - so he'd have left the port maybe about 15:50 - or in between the 13:50 and 18:50 scheduled departures! Either two hours late or three early - that, in fact, is actually as close as it gets, so you were lucky!


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