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DWWR / DSER Convertible Wagon


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Probably the most numerous wagon over all railway companies was the convertible (or semi?) wagon, and like other companies, DWWR/DSER had their own version.  This wagon was used on their network from 1855 and built for them by all the notable carriage and wagon companies over the years.  These wagons were used for the conveyance of all goods, including livestock until the introduction of new regulations through the Board of Trade and Veterinary Department in 1896 which prescribed dedicated wagons be used for livestock.  They had a long life and were used around the network until the end of loose coupled goods.

My research uncovered drawings made by Metropolitan Railway Carriage & Wagon Co.  (MCW) from 1891 sourced from the HMRS.  This may not be a drawing of an early wagon as MCW were building these wagons for DWWR from 1863, however it could be seen as a development from their earlier wagons.

These wagons were small with an 8’ 6” wheel base and 14’ over the body.  Height wise, they were noticeably lower than other stock at c. 10’ 10”. 


Image courtesy of Shepherd & Beesley of 1920's rebuilt convertible wagon.


An initial outline drawing was developed from the drawing correcting discrepancies between the figured dimension and drawing – nothing major, but good to tidy up.


This has been developed into a 3D model


As a print for OO gauge inclusive of all options, we get:



As noted above, the model is available in various options - for example the model below is printed with chassis & brakes only and has been developed in P4 finish to 21mm with buffers, drag hook, roof, couplings and P4 wheels added separately:



The model will be offered with various options:

Basic body only


  • W frames, axle boxes, & springs
  • Brakes
  • Buffers
  • Drag hook
  • Roof
  • NEM coupling pocket (OO gauge)


So, the difficult bit - prices:


N-Gauge: € 10 - € 15

OO / P4 Gauge: €45 - €50

O-Gauge: € 85 - €90


All costs will be exclusive of shipping costs which can be determined at the time of sale and will be based on actual cost where applicable.


Hope this is of interest, and if so, please reach out by PM



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