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DWWR / DSER / GSR 7 Ton Mineral Wagon


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In 1885 the Parnell Quarry at Rock Big, Arklow was opened by Charles Stewart Parnell initially to produce paving stones for the Dublin Tramline. It appears some of this material was exported to England and a light rail system was installed from the quarry to the quay in Arklow to move product directly to the port for onward shipping to England.  At some point the company purchased its own fleet of wagons which were also used for transport on the DWWR network from 1896 to move product for use in Ireland.

These private wagons were bought (or rather sold by Parnell Quarries) by DWWR in 1899 when work in the quarry appeared to decline.  Perhaps this may have been a hiatus, as the quarry has continued in use up to this day.

12 of these wagons made it through to DSER, GSR and on to CIE, so were quite long lived.


Image courtesy of Shepherd & Beesley


It is unclear who manufactured these wagons and no drawings exist that I am aware of, so some interpretation was required to develop a model.  Using the photo and known dimensions of similar wagons of this era it was possible to establish general dimensions.  As this appears to be a falling side wagon, it is reasonable to assume the heads were fixed and there appears to be a ghost of uprights in the image to confirm this.

This helped to develop an outline drawing:


This drawing was initially developed to scratch build a brass model and a CAD/CAM file was prepared to cut the brass on the CNC mill.



With much work, this was developed into a completed model.



These proved to be successful models and are a nice addition to a layout & I decided to develop them further for 3D printing.


These wagons are to go to the print shop this week, so hopefully there will be post print updates later.


The model will be offered with various options:

Basic body only


  • W frames, axle boxes, & springs
  • Brakes
  • Buffers
  • Drag hook
  • NEM coupling pocket (OO gauge)


Planned Prices:

N-Gauge: € 9 - € 12

OO / P4 Gauge: €40 - €45

O-Gauge: € 80 - €85


All costs will be exclusive of shipping costs which can be determined at the time of sale and will be based on actual cost where applicable.


Hope this is of interest, and if so, please reach out by PM



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