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Possible 3D print downloads?

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David Holman

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 In the latest Model Railway Journal [286] 'Small Suppliers Forum', there is an interesting report on some wagon kits designed by Jonathan Duffett. In a real sign of the times, they are available as a free download to print on your own 3D printer! Currently, there is a growing range of various types of iron ore hoppers, coil carriers and  what MRJ quote as 'an amazing Conflat LD whose construction in etched brass or plasticard, would be the stuff of nightmares.' A picture on the website certainly confirms this.

 The downloads are available from www.thingiverse.com/ironmink/designs. He's done detail items such as buffers and brake gear too. Seems you have to create a Makerbot Account - they are a company that make 3D printers, but as to costs or liabilities I have not pursued this as it not in my current interests.

 Mr Duffet says he is looking at unusual and less modelled prototypes, for projects that are unlikely to be produced by any large, or even small scale commercial enterprise. Further information can be had by emailing jonnyduffett@icloud.com

 Whether he would be up to doing Irish prototypes, I have no idea, but thought it was worth sharing here as so many of our favourites appear to fit his criteria. If anyone knows more about the above, perhaps you could let us know?

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David (and any others interested), on Thingiverse the files can be downloaded without an account by clicking on 'thing files' and then clicking 'download' on the relevant parts. Those are some interesting designs and I may use some of the point levers on my layouts, thanks for sharing! 

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