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New Accurascale Exclusive - The Bauxite HUO Hopper in OO

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Our latest Accurascale Exclusive release sees us go back to our very first model and puts a whole new spin on it too!

Many HUO hopper wagon patterns gained BR Bauxite livery. However, it was not a feature of the diagram of wagons we have made in model form.

There is only one that features this livery on pictorial record to date (that we know of!) and it's B335028, as depicted here on Paul Bartlett's excellent website.


As this is a one off, it will come in a single pack and is perfect to use alongside our other HUO wagon packs. These distinctive hoppers look rather attractive in this livery too!


This single wagon pack with be part of our growing "Accurascale Exclusives" range which are only available direct via our website, limited in production and comes with collectable bespoke packaging.


The latest model for our "Powering Britain" range is priced at just £24.95 each and numbers are strictly limited to 500 models. They will arrive in Q2 2022 along with our other new run HOP 24 wagons, allowing you to build a rake of these distinctive hoppers.

Demand is likely to be high so make sure you grab yours right here!

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