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DCC Question

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Hi Gents,


So i just got a Bachman Dynamis DCC controller and fitted and 071 and a 201 with the chips. Everything works fine but... F3 puts on the cab lights fine... F4 is soposed to do the cab light in the other cab but doesnt work. I am brand new into the dcc thing so havnt got a clue!


Any help or suggestions would be great.



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The "official" murphy models one. Have the same problem in both locos


Apologies for the simple stuff first of all....


You should have an MM0004 chip in the 201, and an MM0005 chip in the 071 - The chips are different for the 071 from the 201 because the circuit boards are setup differently in each loco.


1. When you find that you cannot select the 'other' cab light, can you change the direction of the loco, and does the 'other' cab light up then, or when you press F4?


2. Can you swap the chips between the locos?


Try 1. again.


It should 'just work'.



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Yes i deffinately have the right chip in the right locos and thats them MM0004 and 5. Pushed it a bit more in 201 and it works fine now, still cant get it on my 071 yet though. everything but cab light in F4 works.


When i change the direction of the loco everything is the same. same cab light works and other doesnt.

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That's a shame, but at least it looks like you've nailed down the issue.


A common cause of failure (certainly in Bachmann 37s that I happen to have oodles of, don't ask...) is that the wires running forward to the lights get trapped/chafed/broken between the body, chassis or screw holes, and any combination of those three places. The most vulnerable place that I can spot on an 071 is the main body screwholes between the circuit board and the speaker.



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