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Coldplay People

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Any of you folks Coldplay People? I was watching a Mel Gibson film called Payback. Right at the end, over the credits, was a haunting piece of music. I looked into it, and found it was Clocks, by Coldplay. Just a few days later, there was a Concert by the band, on BBC2. I consulted my 22 years old Grand-daughter on the subject, and she told me all about them. This Christmas she gave me a DVD set, Coldplay Live 2012. The first time I played it, I was away, out of this world. The colours, the music, unbelievable. Clocks is still my favourite, passing through Viva, and Charlie Brown, I keep coming back to it. Any of you folks, Coldplay People?

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Guest hidden-agenda

Oh yes great back ground music when building or problem solving. I have every cd to date and the mylo xyloto rates among the best.

Welcome to the 80s throw back brigade just short of the red oxide brigade.:Happy1:

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