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different 071 sounds

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back in October I was on the western liner rail tour. I remember that one of the 071s (076) sounded more like a 181. I have seen a lot of old footage from the 1980s where the 071s sound the same. did the 071s get a major componant replacement and if that is the case when did it happen? also is there a reason for 076 still sounding the same


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The most obvious difference in these motors is the number of cylinders but most people cannot seem to hear a difference in this regard.

the other less obvious difference is the 181 series were supercharged whereas the 071 series are turbo.

Perhaps 076 was given an odd configuration for some reason that we dont know about or maybe the overall configuration of them has changed, im sure someone more knowledgable than me will come along and fill in the gaps soon enough


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