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Lance King in Ulster: Part 2 - "The NCC in Action" 28 February 2024 in READING!!!!

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I have been asked, at very short notice, to give another "Lance" talk to the Reading Transport Group. This one will be "The NCC in Action". If you (or anyone you know who wants to see the talk) are free, we'd be delighted to see you. Basically it's the talk given to the IRRS London Area in December 2022, with a few additions like a few Casserley and Christian Hewison photos.
Spoil Trains a aplenty.
Meetings are held on the first floor of Church House, Church Street, Caversham next to Waitrose. There is a small car park at the rear of the venue for 'blue disc' holders, additionally there is the Waitrose car park at the rear of the St Martins precinct. The venue also has a lift to the first floor for those unable to use the stairs. Reading buses stop nearby, services 22,24,25,27 and 29 plus Thames Travel X39/40 from Woodcote. We open at 7.30 and usually commence at 7.45. The attendance charge is £3.
It's be great to see any of you who live in the Thames Valley.
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