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Wainwright P Class Decorated Samples Revealed!

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Following hot on the heels of our Warwell and Andrew Barclay decorated sample reveals, the final of the announced Hattons Originals trio of models we are completing production on, the Wainwright P Class 0-6-0 tank engine, can now also be previewed for the first time!


We actually showed these in our cabinet at the recent Model Rail Scotland but have since returned to our desks and taken some proper photographs of these handsome little tank engines for you to enjoy.


Firstly, we can confirm that the shade for the SECR green is incorrect, and was a mistake by the factory. Naturally, we will ensure that the correct shade of green will be used on the final models modellers will receive when production is complete.


There are some other small corrections required, such as lining and crests, but nothing huge, which means we can green light production! 

Let's have a look at each loco below.








With all the hard work already put into these models by the Hattons Originals team, and checking over by ourselves in recent weeks, it means that we can now go full steam ahead into production! 

Delivery of these models is slated for Q4 of 2024. If you had a pre-order with Hattons, but are yet to hear from us, then please contact us via the chat function on the website. If you fancy one, we have a limited amount of stock available to pre-order which can be done so via the link below. As production quantities were agreed with the factory previously by Hattons, we cannot increase production quantities at this time, so pre-ordering for no money down, or via our partially service over 6 months at no additional cost, is advised.

Pre-Order Your Wainwright P Class Here! 

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