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Large scale bashing

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I cannot run anything straight out of the box so much the same applies to my American as Irish models. I have a G Gauge layout in the garden mainly using Bachmann & LGB American outline stock.


The main problem is the lack of a steam or diesel loco that right in proportion to the rolling stock There is an odd scale gauge thing with four different scales and one gauge rather than the OO, EM, S4 business in OO.


Most of the better quality Bachmann steameers are to a larger scale and dwarf most of the rolling stock.




I am modifying Bachmanns rather odd looking 2-8-0 to look like a DRGW narrow gaugee loco. Basically new funnel, cab, modified tender running plates to narrow the loco by about 1/2", also moved the headlight on top of the smokebox.




Cab and tender detail a lot easier than N or 4mm ;).




patch smokebox following removal of original funnel.


The diesel has been a bit more drastic convert a modernish centre cabbed GE into an early 1950s end cabbed design.




More plastic surgery new cab, narrow footplate 3/4" either side fabricate new valence, join two sections of bonnet into one, cut outs for radiator grills, block off original end grills.




Both locos will be converted to on board battery Radio Control, DCC has been problematic in the garden.

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Not sure if the Jackson County shop foreman is a DRGW fan or has caught a glimpse of 077 since she was let loose, but GE diesel # is covered in a lot of gray paint, at least we don't have to worry about UIC numbering :)DSCF8257.JPG The grey was colour matched with a LGB DRGW switcher, I will probably go for Zebra striping rather than plain yellow ends. The loco looks reasonably close to the Caterpillar engine end cabbed units supplied internationally by GE from the early 1950s. The model was kitbashed from a centre cabbed loco, with a new cab, two engine housing joined together, the chassis narrowed by about 1/2" and a cut down cab fitted.


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