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GSR Carriage liveries

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Leading up the amalgamation in 1925, the DSER used maroon, the CBSCR Olive green, the GSWR a very dark brownish maroon, as seen on Downpatrick's 836 and the RPSI's 1097 which is also on the DCDR now. The MGWR had traditionally painted carriages brown, apart from a brief flurry with blue and white for a few years about 1905. However the company had abandoned this after about 1918 and was in the process of painting its stock in maroon.


The GSR adopted a very deep maroon at first. This was probably the same as GSWR coach paint, but spread to all constituent companies, including narrow gauge. Lining was somewhat simpler than pre 1925.


In the late 20s, a brown and cream livery with shades virtually identical to Britain's Great Western Rly started to be used, but was largely confined to bogie and main line stock, though I have seen at least one shot showing a six wheel passenger brake thus clad. The darker shade seemed to continue on lesser stock alongside it, and no narrow gauge stock was painted this way. Lining was a single black line under cantrail, above windows and below them at the division between the brown below and the cream above.


From 1935, when the "Bredins" were first introduced, the same shade of maroon as the LMS in Britain or the NCC was used, indeed with the same lining style. All future reprints of all stock were in this shade, which lasted well into early CIE days. Some secondary stock had no lining, including many (but not all) six wheelers. Narrow gauge stock tended to have no lining at all.


After 1945, CIE green began to take over, but maroon coaches would have operated alongside them probably until about 1949/50, possibly in a few cases longer.

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