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Weathering tips

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In the absence of an air brush, the two main options are weathering powders and dry brushing, Sean. The Art of Weathering, by Martyn Welch [Wild Swan] is the bible for all things dirt related and hasn't really been improved on, not least because it tells you which colours to use. However, the latest BRM has an interesting article on the topic, with a decent job done with just three colours!

If you use acrylics, then it is possible to wipe off any over painting with a cotton bud dipped in water. White spirit does the same for enamels.

coaches tend to be kept fairly clean above the sole bars, so the standard 'frame dirt' mix [or Precision ready made] will work fine. I use powders on my wagons and don't worry about sealing them with spray varnish. minimise handling & you'll be fine. However, did try both spray varnish and artist's fixative [for pastels] recently. All that happened was the body colour darkened, with no sign of the weathering I'd put on. Maybe you need to be heavier with the powders for this?

Either way, suggest you first experiment with a wagon that 'doesn't matter'. Likewise, get a cheap loco body from a swapmeet and practice on that. Other big tip is 'paint what you see', so use colour pictures and try to imitate the effect. Needn't be the exact vehicle you have a model of, but will certainly help you get the right effect.

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Some good tips there David!


In regards to the issue of pastels and weathering powders darkening when sealed; I had the same problem not matter how fine a spray of varnish was used. (I switched from aerosol to airbrush but to no avail!) I found a good technique was to give the model a coat of matt varnish BEFORE apply the powders. This gives a much betters key for the powders to adhere to.


Sean, have a look at this thread: http://www.irishrailwaymodelling.net/showthread.php/1667-Weathering-Tips


It's a link to a PDF on weathering. It's mainly for US freight stock but the techniques are still worth trying.

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