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For Sale: "G" scale (garden railway) spare components

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Hello all


The following NEW items are being offered for sale:


6 x Tenmille point levers, cost £19.20 sterling.


2 x pair of couplings (like larger Hornby style)


2 x packs of Dees Cork Ballast (very old, but unopened)


Bag of several dozen G scale rail joiners plus a few odds and ends, parts of a buffer stop. Packets opened, but all new and unused.


2 x packs of 10 ref. RSA 16 Brandbright brass door grab handles


Pair of white metal vacuum bags plus a selection of handrails, also white metal.


Parts for 2 brandbright bogies; one with plastic wheels and one with metal.


Selection of carriage / wagon couplings: 3 x traditional working "chopper"; 2 x dummy "chopper", 2 x dummy centre buffer, 3 x USA-style "knuckle".


8 x packs each containing one pair of "Ivydale" authentic working chopper couplings


3 x small bags of side chains and hooks to accompany above


7 small axle bearings (plastic)


2 scaled down wagon plates, same scale size and shape as normal CIE cast wagon plates, but inscribed: "F.C.M. 1887"


Along with this lot are several envelopes full of plastic sheet suitable for modelling - various bits of various thicknesses, a few replica cap badges and the body of a Playcraft goods van, which could be adapted to resemble something acceptable.


I'm happy to sell bits and pieces individually but would prefer to offload the lot for, say, £20 / €25.

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