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Eastern europe collection

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Hey lads, was sorting out stock the other day and thought I'd take a few pics of some of my Eastern European stock! Featuring carriages from Russia, Poland, East Germany, Czech Republic and Belarus :) and a Czech loco as well. Got a lot of this 2nd hand so some of it isn't in the best condition. Hope you enjoy anyway!











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Krasny vlak!


Always fancied a City Elefant in orange and black.....


Was a model ever released of them? I remember them, double deckers with a pretty blunt front yeah? I also have a piko 150 class but I can't find it atm! I went to Berlin when I was young and CD had leased out the 371s to DB to use on the Warsaw trains and other trains further east! I really liked them, and also really liked the big BR232s! Huge locos!

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