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Heathfield Layout Modern British

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Hi All

I am enclosing a few photos of my latest re sprays

the class 37 Colas is a Vi Train one the track panel waggons are converted Hornby

container flats ant the STG Waggon has 12 sub min Led's all wires separately a 3v batt

and on /off switch any comments enquires please contact me

David WexfordSTG Coach  D Heath.JPG

37 219 ViTrains  Colas Repaint D Heath.JPG

Track Panel Wagon D  Heath.JPG

Track Panel Wagon   D Heath.JPG

57 312 Network Rail respray D Heath.JPG

STG Train D Heath.JPG

STG Wagon with 12 LEDS D Heath.JPG

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Hi paint I used for Colas yellow is Humbrol 99 Lemon Yellow acrylic

and for this loco and also a class 60 which I am finishing off was Prescion orange but is an enamel I prefer

the acrylic Marks Models should have the Humbrol one in stock as I ordered some from Jim today

Thanks David Wexford

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