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LEAP CARD Top-Up in Shops/Stores

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Blu Bianco

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Just a word of warning to any of those who may need this service, last weekend my girlfriend and I were asked to pay a 50 cent charge, each, for the 'pleasure' of topping up our cards by a certain store in the City Centre.


To be fair to the clerk, he seemed quite apologetic about it, the usual 'its come from management' expression, which I can well believe.


I don't know if this is widely prevalent, has anyone else encountered this? I'd say we would be told it is the perogative of the business providing the service but I wonder are Dublin Bus/Irish Rail etc, fully aware of this. Either way, it seems counter-active to the whole idea of the system, and also as a consequence, I certainly won't be going back to that store to make any LEAP or non-LEAP Card purchases ever again. Backfired on them big-time!


Its becoming very prevalent here now that more and more businesses are making you feel that they are going out of their way to 'do you a favour' by offering a service. If more people stood up to the shoddy treatment we get across all fronts, and blanked the businesses that we feasibly can blank, then things would be better.

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