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CIE Coach Research

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My research on wagons has been put on the back burner at present, as there appears to be insufficient information available. I have instead turned my research to the carriages built and introduced by C.I.E. from 1950-1980's and possibly up to present day, with a view to a possible publication in the future. I am appealing for anyone that may have CIE coach drawings to contact me if they are willing to provide a copy as a basis for creating detailed scale line drawings which I would hope to include in any publication. I would also be interested in hearing from anyone with photographs of CIE built coaches, and in particular, showing roof or end details. Any assistance will, of course, be fully acknowledged should my work reach publication stage. Thanks.

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Don't think I have any info other than what is already available on the website, Des Coakham's carriage book, etc. However, would certainly be interested in your book if you can get the material. Likewise a wagon book. The latter is particularly lacking - even a broad brush generic history/review would be a help, though from what I hear many plans and records have been destroyed. Shame, because in Britain, there seems to be a book for every company, while Irish fans are forced to peer into the background of any photos, looking for snippets of information.. All power to your elbows!

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