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track.some new,some not

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I have a load of track for sale.mostly Hornby,a few bits of lima and a couple of bits of peco.i'll list it as N = NEW AND CLEAN.NC NEW BUT NEEDS CLEANING,NW=NEW WITH SIDE WEATHERED S=SPARE as in bits of track missing.the odd bit has a few sleepers missing.


Hornby r612 lh point x 5 NW

Hornby r612 lh point x 3 N

Hornby r632 y point x 1 N

Hornby r607 double curve x 8 N,2 ARE NW and 1 has a sleeper missing

Hornby r600 curve x 12 N

Hornby r600 curve x 17 NW

Hornby r8073 rh point x 3 NW

Hornby r606 curve x 2 NW

Hornby r605 curve x 4 NW


THE NEXT LOT ARE SECOND HAND.most need cleaning


Hornby r607 double curve x 4 good con,1 needs a clean and 4 have missing sleepers

lima L333 x 4 + Hornby r601 x 6 and 1 peco x 1 all the same length think double straight

Hornby r600 x 18 straight good con

Hornby r606 x 21 straight good con

Hornby r609 x 2 curve good con

lima 36 degree curve x 13 need clean

Hornby r6072 lh point x 1 good

Hornby r 612 lh point x 3 all spare + 1 needs clean

Hornby r6073 rh point x 1 +3 spare

Hornby r620 uncoupler track x 1 good con

Hornby r410 small straight x 4 need clean

Hornby r643 small curve x 1

Hornby r604 curve x 4 good con

Hornby r605 double curve x 16 need cleaning and a few sleepers missing

flexi track approx. 3ft long spare

lima long straight approx. 3ft long need clean

Hornby r603 long straight N


in total there is approx. 59 new bits and quite a lot of s/h that needs a clean.not sure what to ask so i'll stick up a price and open to offers.would prefer it all to go in one but can accommodate small asks.

asking €90 which works out about 51 cent a piece but ask away.

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