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  1. Hi I have two 181's that I am looking to sell, one is brand new and the other has been ran but more or less brand new. If interested pm me and I can email pictures and give more details. I'm unsure of posting pictures on here. €110 each. Collection from Arklow. Thanks Robert
  2. That's excellent thank you very much, some excellent info there. It's perfect, I was trying to match logos with the years, so much info there tho. Didn't think the 141 are that old.
  3. Hi all I'm just looking for some info on, well basically irish rail liveries and the years they were in use. I might have missed it on the site and I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. I've a couple of different liveries at the moment and just wondering which to use. Thanks Robert
  4. robbieb

    Sulzer Kit

    That's excellent Eamon, looks good. Hopefully the interest is there.
  5. robbieb

    Sulzer Kit

    Hi guys I have been talking to Des in Studio Scale Models, I was interested in the sulzer kit. He says that if he gets 8 definite orders he will rerun them again for the reduced price of €75. I'm just posting this to see if I can drum up enough interest as I really want one Thanks Robert
  6. They look great, are kits like that expensive?
  7. Hi all A long shot I know but I'm wondering if anyone has a class 121 loco there willing to part with. I know there rare now but no harm in asking. Thanks
  8. Order placed, good luck with project, looking forward to seeing the finished wagons.
  9. Sent you a message on your Facebook page.
  10. Hi all I have a Union Pacific EMD SD7 UP#776 sound loco that doesn't fit in for what I want. It sounds and looks great. I'm just wondering if anyone would be interested in a swap for another sound loco, preferably an Irish loco. Just really seeing if there is any interest Thanks
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