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A day in the life switching a way freight 1 or how to unwind after a long days work.

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I could never quite make out whether the garden railway is set in the US somewhere between Colorado and the Pacific North West, the wilds of Tasmania, the Coromandel or South Island, but it seems to struggle with a daily way freight serving the needs of Jackson County.




Having crossed over the divide from the East Coast to Jackson County Train #1 lead by 600Hp GE export diesel No 12 waits for orders at Ti-Tree Flats. Westbound traffic is mainly empty ore and log cars and general freight. Like other narrow gauge lines that modernised its motive power in the 1950s, it stuck with 19th Century wooden freight and passenger equipment to the bitter end.




Arriving at Jackson City #1 normally sets out a cut of cars on the siding ex DRGW #50 normally switches the yard and local industries. Today #50 refuse to start, batteries are flat someone left the lights on all night after yesterdays switching.




#1 places the Caboose in the siding then sets out todays Jackson City cars on Track 2, then places empty log cars against the caboose to shorten the raft of cars before pulling out todays eastbound traffic from the freight house and stock yard on Track1.




Having drawn out the Eastbound cars #1 places todays cars on Track 1 box cars for the Freight House, gondola for the loading bank and two tank cars for the oil depot.




Recombining its train of empty ore and log cars from the Siding #1 attaches todays Eastbound cars behind its caboose and switches these cars to the siding for pick up by Eastbound #2.




An hour late and nearly there! #1 waits for orders on the main before departing with empty cars for Pontificat8 and Kingswood.


On the left work has started on a new siding to allow trains to pass on the main while trains switch the yard. Some day the Jackson County might even get some new-fangled steel hopper cars from the EBT to modernise the ore-drags.

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